‘Counting On’: An Insider Reveals Anna Duggar Was Planning To Leave Josh Duggar

Josh Duggar and his wife Anna Duggar may have welcomed their sixth child in November 2019, but their marriage wasn’t always a happy one. Back-to-back scandals have put them in the public eye and have left family followers wondering why Anna has chosen to stay with Josh. According to an alleged insider, Anna may have initially considered divorce back in 2015. What made her stick around, however, remains unknown.

Rumors have suggested Jim Bob Duggar arranged Josh’s marriage

Josh and Anna’s marriage might have seemed wholesome enough at the start, but several years and two scandals later, details of the couple’s early relationship paint a much darker picture. A former church insider spoke with Radar about the couple and suggested Jim Bob Duggar set Josh up with Anna after he was caught molesting several of his younger sisters and a family friend.

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The rumors seemed to be confirmed when family followers noticed something odd in early episodes of 19 Kids and Counting. Michelle Duggar mentioned, in passing, that Anna promised not to court anyone until she turned 20. Longtime viewers may remember that Josh actually proposed on Anna’s 20th birthday, and the couple was married just a few months later. From the sounds of it, the couple never even had a courtship. The lack of a real romance gave the rumor that the marriage was arranged legs.

2015 was a rough year for Anna Duggar

2015 might go down in history as the worst year of Anna Duggar’s life to date. Then a pregnant mother of three, Anna was forced to abandoned her life in Washington D.C. when Josh resigned from his job at Family Research Council. Josh was forced to resign after back to back scandals. First, the press published police reports that indicated he had molested his sisters and a family friend when he was a teen. The Duggars’ reality TV show, 19 Kids and Counting, was canceled as a result.

Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar pose during the 42nd annual Conservative Political Action Conference
Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar | Kris Connor/Getty Images

Shortly after the first scandal, it was revealed that Josh had signed up for multiple dating websites and had spent time in strip clubs. Josh announced that he had cheated on his wife before he was sent to a rehabilitation center in Illinois. Anna, along with her three children, returned to the Duggar family’s Springdale, Arkansas home. She gave birth to her fourth child, Meredith Grace Duggar, in July 2015.

A reported insider claims Anna had planned to leave her troubled husband

Since the scandals, Anna and Josh have had two more children and are currently living on Jim Bob and Michelle’s property. According to a reported insider, that wasn’t what seemed likely to happen at first. A user who claims to know the Duggar family took to Reddit in 2017 to answer fan questions. During the AMA, the insider claimed Anna had plans to leave Josh when he was caught cheating.

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The insider went into detail, claiming Michelle had confided in her family that Anna was planning to take the children and leave Arkansas. Shortly after the initial confession, Michelle called to inform the family that all was well and that Anna had decided to help lead Josh back to the family’s faith. The reported insider’s connection to the Duggar family has not been confirmed.