‘Counting On’: Baby No. 4? Jessa Duggar Hints She Might Be Planning to Get Pregnant Again

Could Jessa Duggar be thinking about expanding her family? An offhand comment she made during Abbie Duggar’s birth special has some Counting On fans thinking she might.

Jessa, 27, already has three kids with her husband Ben Seewald, 24. She gave birth to her youngest, a daughter named Ivy Jane, in May 2019. 

Jessa Duggar says she’ll get an epidural ‘next time’ she has a baby

Jessa Duggar Seewald
Jessa Duggar and Ivy Jane | jessaseewald via Instagram

Jessa was the first of five Duggar women to give birth in the past year. After she welcomed Ivy on May 26, her sisters-in-law Kendra, Lauren, and Anna Duggar all gave birth in November. And in January, John David Duggar’s wife Abbie Duggar had her first child, a girl named Grace Annette. 

The birth of Abbie and John’s baby was featured in a Counting On special that was made available online Feb. 3. In the webisode, Abbie heads to the hospital to deliver her baby. After laboring for some time, she receives an epidural — a decision her sisters-in-law support.

“I’m glad you had an epidural, ‘cause I know when you get exhausted, you’re just like, out,” Lauren said. “I wish mine would have worked.” 

“Sometimes it helps you just relax,” Kendra added. 

Abbie confirmed that her epidural did work — she couldn’t feel her contractions — though it made her legs feel “weird.” 

Jessa didn’t have an epidural when she gave birth to Ivy Jane, but she says she’d be interested in the pain relief if she has another baby. 

“Man, I’m gonna have to get an epidural next time,” she said. 

Did Jessa just reveal that she’s planning on having more kids?

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Jessa’s comments about getting an epidural “next time” definitely appeared to be more of a casual comment than a serious pregnancy announcement. Nevertheless, her remark suggests that she’s at least open to the idea of expanding her family. 

If Jessa does get pregnant again, it also sounds like she’s open to the idea of giving birth in a hospital. So far, she’s given birth to all three of her kids at home. However, with her last pregnancy, she did plan to go to the hospital. But when she went into labor early, she ended up delivering the baby at home on her couch. 

Could Jessa have more kids than her mom?

Jessa and Ben have been married a little over five years and already have three kids. Now, it sounds like they’re interested in adding another. Some people even think that she might have more kids than her famous mom Michelle Duggar, who had 19 kids. 

When Jessa and Ben got married in 2014, she said she wanted to have a lot of children. 

“I might have more than 19 kids,” she said. Probably not all biological. I want to adopt a lot.”

Since then, she’s brought up the possibility of adopting again — and it sounds like she and Ben are pretty serious about the idea. 

“We have many friends who have walked this road, so we have seen firsthand the amazing power of adoption,” she told Us in 2016. “There are so many kids out there who are longing for the love of a family, and we feel strongly about opening our hearts and our home to welcome them in.”

She said they were getting ready to move forward with adoption paperwork, but those plans got put on hold when she got pregnant with her son Henry. But growing her family, whether naturally or through adoption, is clearly her plan.

“It’s not really about any specific number, but cherishing and loving the ones God brings to us — whether that be just one, or whether it be more, we’ll be grateful,” she said.