‘Counting On’: Could Jana Duggar’s Seemingly Abandoned Instagram Mean a Big Announcement Is Coming?

Counting On will return to TLC on June 30. Promotional material, which was released several weeks ago, revealed the basic premise of the season. Fans can expect to see the Duggar family welcoming babies, dealing with the pandemic, and doing basic Duggar tasks. Family followers, however, think a big announcement might be in the works that the Duggar clan has yet to reveal. Jana Duggar’s social media profile has some people questioning whether or not she’s found a life partner.

Fans assumed a courtship was forthcoming when Jana signed up for Instagram

Jana was the first Duggar offspring to gain access to social media without being in a relationship. Her first post, which came just two days before her 29th birthday, set the rumor mill in motion. Fans were pretty sure a courtship announcement was forthcoming. After all, none of the Duggar kids had ever been granted access to social media before getting involved with a romantic partner.

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That courtship announcement never came. Since joining the social media network, she’s shared photos of her home projects, her travels, and her friends. No unknown males have graced the annals of her profile, much to the chagrin of family followers. Now, though, something strange is happening with Jana’s feed. It has gone completely dark.

When did Jana’s Instagram feed go quiet?

Jana’s last post went live on May 10. The Mother’s Day tribute to Michelle Duggar included a lengthy caption about all Michelle had done for her children. Nothing has been posted to the feed since. The lack of new content has some fans questioning what is going on in Jana’s life.

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Sure, Jana was never a prolific poster, but until May, she was averaging a post every two weeks or so. It has now been six weeks without a post. The longer she stays off the internet, the more likely it is that something is going on in her life. What that something is is anyone’s guess, though.

Could a courtship be in the works for Jana?

Jana’s social media silence could mean any number of things or nothing at all, but most family followers seem to think the radio silence means she’s got a big announcement coming up. For most followers, the only news worth discussing is a potential courtship.

TLC’s promo for the upcoming season doesn’t mention a romantic interest for Jana, but her singledom is put on full display once again. Is it possible that the family is withholding the big news until the season airs? It’s possible but doesn’t seem likely. Fans have discussed a potential courtship for Jana for years. She’s been linked to several men since turning of legal age to marry, but none of those rumors have resulted in an actual romance.

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Family followers who frequent FreeJinger have discussed potential courtships for the perpetually single Duggar since at least 2016, for example. Family critics and Duggar fans will need to tune in to TLC to see what happens, but a courtship for Jana, at least right now, doesn’t seem to be in the cards.