‘Counting On’: The 1 Duggar Couple Critics Have Deemed the Most ‘Cringe’ Worthy

The Duggar family, which stars in the hit TLC show Counting On, has seen its share of courtships since it first premiered. After Josh Duggar’s alleged sexual abuse resurfaced in 2015, TLC cut the family’s show, 19 Kids and Counting, and replaced it with a new show, Counting On, which focused more on the Duggar children starting lives of their own. Now that so many Duggar kids have married, critics have chosen who they think has the biggest “cringe” factor.

The Duggar Family
The Duggar Family | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Some Duggar couples have grown on fans through the years

When Duggars first start courting, fans aren’t always sure how they feel about the relationship. When Joy Duggar began courting Austin Forsyth, some felt the couple’s marriage might have been arranged and that the age gap between the two was too wide (Joy was only 17 while Austin was 21). Over time, though, people realized these two have a lot in common and seem to have a genuine connection.

The same thing goes for Joe and Kendra Duggar. Kendra seemed so young when the two started courting, and fans weren’t sure how to feel. But these days, the two actually appear to have the most love for each other out of any of the couples.

Some couples have always been more well-liked than others

There are certain Duggar couples who had more fans from the start. We can think of at least one: John David and Abbie. Though some were turned off by the way John kissed Abbie for the first time at their wedding, these two have always seemed to be a bit more low-key than other couples. Even those who disagree with the family’s harsh views have suggested that John and Abbie are a bit easier to digest than the others. The two started courting at an older age, so their rules were a bit more relaxed. Plus, Abbie had a real job as a nurse, which fans loved to see.

Critics feel Josiah and Lauren Duggar are the hardest to watch

There has been a lot of criticism about Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson’s relationship, and most of it stems from the idea that these two don’t seem to have the same connection that some of the other Duggar couples do. Users on various platforms, including Instagram and Reddit, have left comments about what seems to be a lack of true love in the relationship. It’s important to note, though, that there is nothing that proves how Josiah and Lauren really feel about each other.

Users on social media platforms such as Reddit have suggested these two never seemed to “remotely like each other from the start” and are the “most cringey.” Others have agreed with analyses of the couple, saying they had a “manufactured romance” and appear to “barely want to hold hands.”

Other couples, such as Jinger and Jeremy, have seemingly lost fans over time

Recently, one couple who was once a fan favorite has now become a concern for fans and critics alike. Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo, who were once praised for stepping away from Duggar’s family’s strict lifestyle, are now a couple that fans have begun to criticize. When the two did a now-deleted Q&A on social media, fans called Jeremy a “dictator” and suggested he was too controlling in the couple’s marriage. The two recently announced a pregnancy, though, which did receive plenty of congratulations from fans.