‘Counting On’ Critics Think 1 Duggar Couple Will Be Stricter Parents Than the Rest

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, stars of the TLC show Counting On, raised their children with extremely strict rules. Growing up, there were countless activities the kids were not allowed to participate in, a very particular model for schooling, and a ton of rules regarding relationships.

Now that some of the kids have grown, fans think they know which couple will follow most closely in Michelle and Jim Bob’s footsteps for the world’s strictest parents. 

The Duggar family
The Duggar family | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar had plenty of rules for their kids

The Duggar family was raised far differently from most mainstream American families. Michelle and Jim Bob homeschooled their kids so as to incorporate God and religion as much as possible. The kids also weren’t allowed to do anything that could be seen an impure, such as dance, watch television, or listen to mainstream music (it could promote feelings of promiscuity).

Michelle and Jim Bob’s daughters had to wear long skirts and dresses in order to hide curves. And when it came to dating, there was no such thing. The kids were only allowed to court, which meant they entered a relationship with the intention of marrying.

Critics think Joe and Kendra Duggar will be the strictest parents

The show’s biggest critics tend to take to Reddit to discuss their thoughts about the family, and users all seemed to agree that, when it comes to who will be the strictest parents, Joe and Kendra Duggar take the top spot.

“[Joe and Kendra] 100% will follow the rules; they don’t even think outside the box,” one user wrote. “I think Joe and Kendra will be the most strict,” someone else added. “[Joe and Kendra] will 100% be the most strict when it comes to their kids dating,” another person wrote. Joe and Kendra are also on the fast track to have as many kids as Michelle and Jim Bob; they’ve already welcomed two kids in just over two years.

Austin Forsyth’s parents were once on a show for being so strict

Though many agreed that Joe and Kendra will enforce major dating rules, some though Joy Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth, might be strict as well. “I think they will also be pretty strict with their kids and expect full courtship rules and no kissing before marriage, and push all of their kids to marry young,” someone wrote, with most others in agreement.

Austin appeared on reality television before he met Joy; he was a guest on the show World’s Strictest Parents. With that said, if he follows in Mom and Dad’s footsteps, he could potentially raise his kids with many rules.

The other couples’ parenting received mixed analyses from fans

For the most part, there was no major consensus on any of the other couples. Some thought Jessa and Ben Seewald would be more relaxed, while others disagreed. The same went for John and Abbie Duggar and Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo.

Overall, it’s unlikely that any of the Duggar kids will be too relaxed with their own children. There might be fewer dating rules, but it’s likely all of the parents will raise their kids with the same values about intimacy and the seriousness of marriage.