‘Counting On’ Critics Think Joy Duggar Having to Speak of Her Stillbirth on TV Is ‘Devastating’

Last year, Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth announced in the spring that they would be expecting their second child in fall 2019. However, right around 20 weeks, Duggar and Forsyth had gone in for a checkup only to learn that their baby did not have a heartbeat. Now, in the new season of Counting On, Duggar discusses losing the baby — and critics of the show think it’s “devastating” that she had to talk about it.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth
Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth | Joy Forsyth via Instagram

Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth lost their baby last summer

When Duggar and Forsyth announced a second pregnancy last spring, they were thrilled to be expanding their family. The two hadn’t wasted any time getting pregnant with their first child, Gideon; they wed in May 2017, and by February 2018, they welcomed their son.

About a year later, the two learned they were pregnant once more. After the first trimester, they announced it to the world, and Duggar documented her pregnancy on Instagram. But about 20 weeks along, Duggar and Forsyth went to the doctor to learn their baby’s gender, and instead they were told the little girl did not have a heartbeat.

Duggar lost the baby right around 20 weeks, which technically makes the baby a stillborn rather than a miscarriage. She had to be induced to deliver the baby.

The two recently spoke out about what they went through

Duggar posted a difficult series of photos to Facebook, explaining what she and Forsyth had heard from the doctor and the hurt they had gone through. Now, almost exactly one year later, season 11 of Counting On premiered where Duggar once again discussed what it was like to hear the news.

She said she instantly “broke down crying” when she processed what she was being told. Duggar then had to deliver the baby, and she explained that difficult day to Counting On viewers on the show.

Critics shamed TLC for asking the couple to open up about it

Duggar family critics, who normally hate on the family, took to Reddit to express their concern for Duggar over having to share something so personal on television. “Watching Joy keep sweet while discussing her stillbirth is just devastating,” one person wrote. “I wish TLC would learn some… Boundaries. This is not entertainment,” another person added. “I bet Joy wasn’t allowed to spend time in grief. She needed to be happy for all of her sisters and their healthy babies,” another person wrote, criticizing the way Duggar’s family handled the loss.


Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth Are Reportedly Leaving ‘Counting On’ Behind

Duggar and Forsyth are expecting another baby this summer

Duggar and Forsyth are reportedly distancing themselves a bit from the show, though there’s no indication that it’s due to their loss. The couple announced this past spring that Duggar is pregnant with another little girl, who is expected to be born in August.

Duggar has been documenting this pregnancy on social media as well, and fans are thrilled to know that she and Forsyth have another little girl on the way.