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The Duggars are known for their brief courtships and huge weddings, and such was the case for Josiah and Lauren Duggar. The two are featured on TLC’s Counting On and wed back in June 2018. Since then, the couple’s been through a difficult miscarriage followed by their rainbow baby, Bella, whom they post photos of to Instagram.

While Lauren and Josiah seem to love doing life together, Duggar family critics can’t forget the time Lauren tried to assure fans that she didn’t mind that Josiah didn’t cry when he first saw her in her wedding dress. Here’s what happened.

Lauren Duggar explained her favorite part about her wedding to Josiah Duggar on ‘Counting On’

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar instilled a belief in their 19 children that finding a life partner is paramount. And we’ve seen many of the Duggar kids go through brief courtships to ultimately marry. As for Josiah and Lauren, the two had known each other for a decade before deciding to enter a courtship. And there’s a lot of speculation that the relationship was highly encouraged by Jim Bob and Lauren’s father, Wayne Swanson.

After Lauren and Josiah tied the knot, they both gushed about how fantastic their big day was. “My favorite moment was our first kiss,” Lauren told the Counting On producers. “You can’t beat that.”

“My favorite moment was hopping in the car and heading out, just us,” Josiah said. “It was nice that we could have some time to spend, just us two, no one else around.”

Lauren claimed not to be upset when Josiah didn’t cry on their wedding day

Reddit users unearthed a moment during Lauren and Josiah’s wedding that will forever be remembered. While Lauren was fully expecting Josiah to cry while she walked down the aisle (as many other Duggar men have done), it seems that didn’t occur. Instead, he stayed totally tear-free.

“When Josiah turned around, he didn’t tear up,” Lauren told the cameras. “I was actually very shocked, because he had told me a lot that he’d probably cry when he first saw me. So, I think I was more shocked that he was strong enough that he didn’t cry.”

While Lauren was expecting waterworks, she then claimed that it didn’t bother her at all that Josiah didn’t shed tears. In fact, she commended it. “It didn’t bother me that he didn’t cry,” she added. “It’s probably a blessing. Otherwise, I would’ve lost it and had to do my makeup all over again.”

Critics don’t believe Lauren


Lauren and Josiah Duggar Already Joked About Giving Their Baby Daughter ‘Away Someday’ in Marriage

It looks like Duggar critics don’t think Lauren was unbothered. Since she brought it up and then called it a “blessing” when no tears flowed, many think she really did want Josiah to shed a tear or two.

“The fact that she pointed out she wasn’t bothered at the very least means she had thought about it or was asked about it,” a Reddit user noted.

“This is honestly so sad,” another wrote. “Like, having your fiancé get emotional on your wedding day isn’t a huge ask, but this poor girl got stuck with someone who can barely stand her. Her wedding was probably the only moment in her life she was looking forward to, and it was still disappointing.”

“I’m a sucker for grooms crying when their brides walk down the aisle,” another added. “Joe [Duggar] absolutely lost it. And Austin [Forsyth] was bawling. I thought it was so sweet. Lauren must’ve been embarrassed and disappointed when SIAHHH didn’t cry one bit.”

Despite what everyone says, it looks like Josiah and Lauren are still happily married now — so perhaps the lack of wedding day tears really wasn’t a dealbreaker.

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