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If there wasn’t a feud between Jim Bob Duggar and Derick Dillard before, there certainly is one now. The father of two and former reality TV star took to Twitter to imply that his father-in-law pilfers earnings from Counting On and dulls it out as he sees fit, even though the family’s current show only names the Duggar children as stars. So, what is going on with the Duggar clan and is trouble between the Duggars and the Dillards mounting?

Is Jim Bob Duggar controlling all of the family money?

Derick has a lot to say about TLC and the way his family was treated. The father of two lambasted the network more than a year ago because they refused to pay for medical bills related to the birth of his second child. According to Derick, Sam’s birth was filmed, and he reached out to the network asking them to pay the medical expenses. Allegedly, the network refused. It wasn’t long after Sam’s birth that Derick was fired.

Now, Derick has insinuated that Jim Bob is in ultimate control of all money earned from the show. One viewer took to Twitter to ask Derick why Jim Bob controls the cash, and instead of denying the claim, the law school student told the follower that they’d need to ask Jim Bob. While Derick may believe he skirted the question, in actuality, he pretty much confirmed years of suspicion.

Why would TLC still pay out Jim Bob if it’s technically not his show anymore?

When the family originally began appearing on TLC, all 19 of their children were under the age of 18. It would have made sense, at that point, for the family to be paid as a unit. Now, however, with several families involved it would make sense for the payment for participation to be split among the kids by TLC.

Jim Bob’s business practices, however, are suspect. The Duggar family may be paid for their participation on the show through a trust or by way of an LLC. Jim Bob and his entire family are fans of LLCs. Joshua Duggar, the son who seemingly brought down the family’s brand, operates under an LLC. He is currently in court over a shady real estate deal.

The family also runs a home church and is in the process of setting up a disaster relief charity. Their work in the Bahamas was recently called into question. The entire family may be paid out to an LLC controlled by Jim Bob for tax purposes. Derick, however, didn’t go into the specifics.

Jim Bob has not commented on the allegations

Jim Bob hasn’t commented on the accusations levied at him by his son-in-law. In fact, that father of 19 has been suspiciously quiet on the topic of money and how the family is paid for their show for years. No one is aware of the details of the contract, who has signed the agreement or how much the family is making for their participation.

Jim Bob Duggar
Jim Bob Duggar | Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

What we do know, however, is that rumors have swirled for months that Derick and Jim Bob are on the outs. Derick is rarely seen around the Duggar family compound, and his wife, Jill’s participation in family events, has dwindled, as well. It’s been theorized that Jim Bob is still steaming mad at Derick for his derogatory comments about TLC, the network that has paid the family handsomely for the last 15 years. Neither Derick nor Jim Bob has directly commented on the rift.