‘Counting On’: Do The Duggar Kids Get Paid For Their Wedding Specials?

Derick Dillard’s recent Instagram and Twitter bombshells have left Counting On fans with more questions than answers. While Derick has been quick to inform fans that he and his wife, Jill Duggar, were never paid for their time on Counting On, he didn’t go into much detail about how everything shakes out when it comes to specials. It’s possible that Derick doesn’t actually know, but now Duggar family followers are left wondering how earnings from the wedding specials are dispersed. Do the featured Duggars get the money, or is everything handed over to Jim Bob Duggar?

Derick claims he was never paid for his time on the show

Derick took to Instagram and Twitter recently to inform all of his followers that he and his wife never received a dime for their time on TLC. He even mentioned not getting paid for the birth special that featured the couple’s child. Many media outlets suggested that Derick’s tweets were referencing the birth of Sam Dillard, the couple’s second child. Sam had a lengthy stay in the NICU following his birth, but, likely, he wasn’t actually talking about the delivery of Sam.

Here is the thing; Sam’s birth never aired on television. Reddit users surmise that Derick was really talking about the birth of his first son, Israel. Those who follow the family may remember that Jill’s lengthy labor at her home was filmed. She later delivered Israel via emergency c-section at a local hospital. The lengthy special aired in full, much to the chagrin of followers who believe Jill acted irresponsibly while laboring at home.

Are any of the Duggar kids paid for their specials?

Derick has doubled down on his proclamation that he and his wife never received a dime for their time on the family’s hit reality TV show. That leads many followers to believe that they didn’t receive payment for any of the specials that they were featured in either, including their wedding exclusive and the special that chronicled Israel’s birth. If that’s true, it’s likely not a Jill and Derick specific issue.

One would have assumed that each of the Duggar adults would be paid separately for specials that revolve around significant moments in their lives, but it seems likely that that is not the case. The inner workings of the Duggar’s contract with TLC remain unknown, but if Derick is to be believed, the talent is paid as a unit, and all checks go directly to Jim Bob Duggar’s bank account. If that is really the case, the same is likely true for the specials, too.

The Duggar kids seem to be paid out in perks

Most reality TV shows pay relatively low salaries to their talent, at least in most cases. Sure, the Kardashians are racking it in for their time on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but even the Kardashian family makes the bulk of their money outside of their reality TV show. In fact, most reality TV shows are designed around paying their talent nothing or next to nothing.

According to Business Insider, the bulk of reality TV personalities are there to promote other ventures. An agent speaking with the publication noted, “It’s about promoting your ancillary businesses, whether it’s endorsements or your own products.” The Duggar sons and daughters might not have any ancillary businesses to promote, but they do seem to be paid in perks.

It can be assumed that TLC foots the bill for their weddings. The couple’s filmed honeymoons are likely paid for by the network, too. Many of the married Duggars have chosen to take two honeymoons, the one that is shot by the production company, and a private honeymoon to far less luxurious locales immediately following their nuptials. Counting On has also served as a springboard into influencer careers for several of the Duggars, although they are likely not making bank from the advertisements they post.

Does that mean the Duggar offspring aren’t being taken advantage of? Absolutely not. If Derick is telling the absolute truth, it’s evident that all of the Duggar kids have been taken advantage of in some capacity, the worst part of the issue is that they’ve likely been taken advantage of by their very own father.