‘Counting On’: Duggar Family Critics Think Season Premiere Features 2 Courtship Announcements

TLC’s Counting On featuring the Duggar family is coming back, and fans are more excited than ever to see what’s happened over the last year. There have been whisperings of sudden, secretive courtships amongst Duggar critics, too. And some believe the season premiere is a special featuring two courtship announcements.

When does ‘Counting On’ return?

The Duggar family from TLC"s 'Counting On' standing together on the set of 'Extra' and smiling at the camera
The Duggar family visits ‘Extra’ at their New York studios | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar attained a ton of fame with their kids thanks to TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting — and now, it’s their kids’ turns to carry the torch. Counting On reportedly returns March 30, 2021, according to TLC’s lineup. And it looks like the episode will dive right into how the family celebrates Easter, though it’s likely the show will cover Easter 2020, as it’s typically far behind in dates.

While there’s typically a ton of promotional material for the new season, none of the Duggar family members posted about it. The most recent post on the Duggar family Instagram features two of the younger kids at Jim Bob and Michelle’s home playing a board game. Jessa Duggar hasn’t posted anything about the new season, either. Neither has Jinger, Joy-Anna, or any of the other Duggars.

Fans love Jill Duggar, but she won’t be featured on Counting On this season, either. She made it known she and Derick Dillard quit the show and have no immediate plans to return.

Duggar family critics suspect announcements involving courtships

The Duggars are known for their strict courtship rules and fast engagements. Justin Duggar was the latest member of the Duggar family to get married, and at just 18 years old, he walked down the aisle with Claire Spivey. Duggar family critics suspect new courtship announcements are to come on this season of Counting On, though.

According to Reddit, there’s no episode of Counting On airing on April 6, and it’s suspected the season premiere on March 30 is a stand-alone special. As for what the special entails, critics think courtships are on the horizon.

“The real question is why an hour-long special?” a Reddit user guessed. “My answer is because they’re announcing Jed’s and maybe Jana’s relationships along with the birth of Brooklyn.”

“Maybe they’ll air a Jed and Katey (wedding) special?” another guessed. Current rumors suggest Jed is engaged to a woman named Katey Nakatsu and marrying her in April 2021.

Are any of the Duggars in a courtship?

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As of now, there have been no formal courtships announced for the Duggars. But, as stated prior, Jed’s turning heads. A suspected leaked wedding invitation has everyone wondering why he and the rest of the Duggar family hasn’t said anything about his wedding. It makes sense that TLC may want to save the announcement for a big reveal on Counting On.

Jana might also currently be courting. The 31-year-old still lives with Jim Bob and Michelle, but internet sleuths found evidence of her hanging out with Nebraska pilot Stephen Wissman. Among the fundamentalist community, everyone seems to know the Wissmans. Jana and Stephen are friends on Facebook, too, and other Duggars follow Stephen on his private social media accounts. In the past, Jana mentioned she longs for marriage, so fans would welcome a courtship announcement.

We’re looking forward to seeing what the new episode of Counting On on March 30 is all about!

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