‘Counting On’ Fans Are Tired of Jinger Duggar’s Overly-Staged Instagram Content

No matter how long Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s family stays on TV, fans know they’ll keep watching, as we’ve grown fond of their 19 kids. And it’s Jinger Duggar who’s gotten more attention than ever. When Jinger was younger, she expressed to her parents that she’d love to move far away from Arkansas and experience big city life. Now that she and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, are living in Los Angeles, she’s getting a taste of what she dreamed about during childhood.

Jeremy and Jinger have a 1-year-old daughter, Felicity. And they adore showing her all that Los Angeles has to offer, too. Unfortunately, it seems some of Jinger’s Instagram followers think her content doesn’t appear very genuine. And they think one of her recent videos of Felicity is a bit too staged.

Jinger Duggar appears to be thriving in Los Angeles

Jinger and Jeremy shocked fans when they first announced they were moving to the West Coast. Jeremy planned to continue his studies in ministry in California — and we weren’t so sure how well Jinger would make the adjustment.

Given what Jinger posts to her Instagram, it seems she’s loving the City of Angels. And we’ve seen her break away from some of the strict rules she grew up with. She’s elevated her style completely, and she’s unafraid to branch out by trying new foods and attending social events.

While Jinger gives the appearance that she’s loving her new life, others question how authentic her Instagram really is.

“I’m sure internally she’s struggling a lot. Being deprogrammed from a cult is a long and painful process,” one Reddit user wrote. And another called her a “fish out of water.”

She posted a new video showing her daughter, Felicity, running ahead of her

While Jinger is busily showing off her fashion sense and all the amazing places she’s visiting in Los Angeles, she’s also posting plenty of content about her daughter, Felicity. From attending soccer games to bringing Felicity wherever she and Jeremy go, Jinger isn’t shy about sharing her life as a mom.

On Jan. 30, Jinger posted a video of Felicity running ahead of her on the sidewalk.

“I often wish Felicity could just stay this little forever,” the happy mom captioned the post. “Each stage of her development seems to come so quickly, as she’s growing by leaps and bounds. We have gone from carrying her everywhere, to her wanting to take the lead in our afternoon walks.” She then recommended that all parents should “stop and cherish each moment” they have with their little ones.

Some of Jinger’s followers are over the staged content

While Jinger has many supporters, others think her content looks too fake to be real life. The video of Felicity running ahead of her looks perfectly filmed, as Felicity runs ahead of Jinger in the frame as Jinger slowly walks behind. And some Reddit users are tired of the overly-staged Instagram presence Jinger puts on.

“Felicity is ready to run away from being a baby Influencer. Let the poor child play in peace without a camera shoved in her face,” one Reddit user commented about the video.

“Did they stage this with someone telling all the people when to walk through the frame looking blissfully unaware of the camera?” another wrote. “Or did someone sprint in front of them and get down on the pavement with enough time to capture them looking blissfully unaware?”

We’re not sure if Jinger’s content will ever be as candid as Jill or Jessa’s. Even if she has a few followers who don’t agree with her curated content, many more love seeing what she’s up to in Los Angeles. And, of course, we’re sure she’ll make appearances on future seasons of Counting On.

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