‘Counting On’ Fans Think They Know Exactly Why Jana Duggar Has Not Announced She Is Courting Stephen Wissmann

Counting On star Jana Duggar sparked rumors earlier this year that she was courting a man named Stephen Wissmann. Fans have spotted clues all over social media, but the oldest Duggar daughter has yet to make an official courtship announcement. According to some Counting On fans, they know exactly why Jana is staying silent.

Jana Duggar in a screenshot from 'Counting On'
Jana Duggar from ‘Counting On’ | TLC via YouTube

‘Counting On’ fans have been obsessed with Jana Duggar’s love life

Fans have been closely following Jana’s love life for more than a decade. She’s been linked to a number of potential suitors, but nothing has ever worked out. As Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s oldest daughter, Jana has remained single while her younger sisters have gotten married one by one.

As a single woman in her 30s, Jana still lives at home with her parents, per Jim Bob’s rules. She takes care of her younger siblings, and tends to her famous vegetable garden. She also has an Instagram account where she keeps fans up-to-date on her adventures.

Jana Duggar popped up in a Wissmann Family Christmas post

The courting rumors surrounding Jana and Stephen began in early 2021 when she popped up in a Wissmann Family Christmas post on social media. This was quite the find because as Counting On fans know, the Duggars take Christmas very seriously. The fact that Jana was out of state and away from her family during the holiday season was telling.

Stephen is a Nebraska-based pilot and small business owner who comes from a large, Christian fundamentalist family. The courting rumors heated up when Stephen and the Wissmann family attended both Justin and Jed Duggars’ weddings. And, they also visited Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas, with the Duggar family.

Jana and Stephen have also appeared in a few photos together, but never alone. They are always with a group of people. But, they are clearly spending a lot of time together. It’s also believed they met up in Florida at an air show that Jana attended with her twin brother, John David, and his wife Abbie Burnett.

The ‘Counting On’ star has stayed silent on social media

Despite all of this internet sleuthing from Counting On fans, Jana has not made an official courtship announcement. In fact, she went dark on Instagram for about a month, and fans think they know exactly why she’s staying silent.

In early May, federal agents arrested Jana’s oldest brother Josh on charges related to child pornography. He has since been released on bond, but the court has ordered Josh to stay away from all minor children while he awaits trial. The only exception is that he can visit with the six children he shares with wife Anna.

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Josh goes to trial in July. If convicted, he faces up to 40 years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. Because of all the headlines Josh has made in recent weeks, many fans are convinced that Jana is going to keep her dating life details out of the public eye.

Jana Duggar was one of her brother’s victims

Before Josh’s May 2021 arrest, he had already been involved in two scandals related to sexual behavior. In 2015, it was revealed that Josh had molested five girls when he was a minor. Four of his victims were his sisters, including Jana.

That same year, Josh was also caught cheating on his wife after he got busted with an Ashley Madison account. He later confessed to having a porn and sex addiction. But, he never went to therapy and didn’t face any real punishment or consequences.

The ‘Counting On’ stars are keeping a low profile

Ever since the Duggars burst onto the reality TV scene in the mid-2000s, they’ve been building a media empire. From books to speaking engagements to social media, Jim Bob, Michelle, and their 19 kids have kept fans up-to-date on all major family events for well over a decade.

But in recent months, that’s started to change. The show’s been on hiatus for months, and Duggar social media activity has significantly waned. Jed Duggar didn’t even bother to make a courting or engagement announcement, and essentially got married in secret. Compare that to his oldest siblings who had TV specials surrounding their nuptials.

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Jana has always been one of the most private members of the family. She stayed silent for weeks after Josh’s arrest, and when she returned to social media she posted about her garden. It looks like Jana is going to continue to keep quiet about her dating life. She might even keep her wedding a secret, too. If there is a wedding.

Counting On is currently on hiatus.