‘Counting On’ Fans Make Fun of Jeremy Vuolo For His Recent Fashion: ‘No One Goes Hiking In Dress Shoes’

Counting On fans have followed the Duggar family for years. And when Jinger Duggar met her now-husband, Jeremy Vuolo, people loved the adventurous energy the two had together. However, it didn’t stop them from poking fun at his fashion sense — especially while on a recent hike.

'Counting On' stars Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo in 2019
‘Counting On’ stars Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo in 2019 | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Discovery Channel

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have always behaved differently than the rest of the family

When Duggar and Vuolo wed, they took a different approach to life than the one with which Duggar was raised. Growing up, Duggar’s fashion was always extremely conservative — long dresses or skirts were the only form of attire so as not to show off her curves.

Once Duggar and Vuolo wed, she came out of her shell a bit more. She began wearing pants and shorter, more form-fitting dresses. But Vuolo was the fashion guru and the one who helped Duggar discover her own taste. Thanks to him, she wears Jordans and expresses herself through her clothing.

Still, fans have sometimes questioned Vuolo’s fashion sense — and things were no different in the Counting On star’s recent Instagram video.

Jeremy Vuolo’s fashion sense has fans making fun of the ‘Counting On’ star — but only as a joke

Vuolo has been getting out with friends a bit more now that the pandemic is winding down and vaccinations are up. And in a recent video, he tackled crossing a narrow log over a running river. Though the video was meant to show off his nature skills, fans couldn’t help but notice that his “hiking” outfit was more like something someone would wear on a dinner date.

“No one goes hiking in dress shoes,” one user wrote.

“Why are you hiking in [those] clothes/shoes?” another user commented.

“Maybe time for new hiking shoes,” someone said with a winking emoji.

For a while, people have occasionally made fun of the clothes Vuolo wears, since he’s always dressed in such dapper fashion no matter where he goes. Though he’s only expressing himself, some have compared his style to that of a Peaky Blinders character. However, people have praised Vuolo for helping his wife become more comfortable with wearing mainstream clothing.

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Fans are glad to see Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo going out more

For a time, there were unfounded rumors that Duggar and Vuolo were considering a divorce. Fans have been delighted to see that the rumors appeared to be untrue, but people noticed that couple took time off social media — and away from their podcast and business — after the birth of their second daughter, which raised questions.

Now, though, with the pandemic in a much better place, fans have been happy to see the two getting out more and enjoying one another’s company. The couple had their first date night in a while back in April, and they’ve since started posting more images out together. Still, ever since welcoming baby no. 2, the two have kept their young daughters off of social media, which is a change from the way they used to present their family.