‘Counting On’ Fans See 1 Major Clue that Another Duggar Woman Is Pregnant

The Duggar family is known as being one of the United States’ largest families. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar welcomed 19 kids, and now, the Duggars are expecting two more little ones: Joy and Jinger Duggar are both pregnant with girls.

Still, some are convinced that another Duggar is getting ready to make an announcement based on one major clue.

Some of Michelle and Jim Bob's daughters
Some of Michelle and Jim Bob’s daughters | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

There were six pregnant Duggar women in 2019

2019 seemed to be the year of the Duggar babies. Jessa, Anna, Joy, Kendra, Lauren, and Abbie all announced pregnancies. (Tragically, Joy and Austin Forsyth lost their baby at 20 weeks.) And interestingly, all the women welcomed little girls.

The Duggar women had a photoshoot during their pregnancies, and toward the end of the Counting On season 10, Michelle noted that there could be years where she and Jim Bob see double the number of new grandchildren in a year as they did in 2019.

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Joy and Jinger are expecting little girls this year

2020 has proven to be a bit of a down year in terms of welcoming new babies, but Joy and Austin excitedly announced this past spring that they’re preparing to welcome another baby. The two have one son, Gideon, and after losing their little girl last summer, fans were happy to see them announce that another girl is on the way.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo also announced that they’re expecting baby no. 2 in November. Jinger noted in her announcement that she went through a miscarriage last fall, and she and Jeremy are also pregnant with a girl.

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Fans are convinced Kendra Duggar’s social media break is because she’s pregnant

Some people have started to theorize who could be the next to announce a pregnancy, and there has been speculation that it’s going to be Joe and Kendra Duggar. The two wed back in 2017, and by 2019, they had welcomed two kids.

Fans have noticed that Kendra Duggar has been missing from the spotlight lately; someone even asked Michelle on her last post where Kendra has been, since she hasn’t posted on Instagram in a while. Michelle replied that she’s doing great, but it’s left people speculating that Kendra might be taking a social media break because she’s getting ready to announce baby no. 3.

“Kendra did this with their 2nd baby, where they stop posting on Instagram for a month or so before announcing a new baby,” one user posted to Reddit. “Could be! Every photo, announcement, blog post seems orchestrated,” someone added. “I hope for her sake she’s not pregnant again,” someone wrote, suggesting Kendra having three kids in three years would be too much.

Some think Joe and Kendra will have more kids than Michelle and Jim Bob

Right now, Joe and Kendra are the couple closest to the pace of Joe’s parents. Michelle didn’t have any kids until she was in her twenties, while Kendra welcomed her first child with Joe when she was only 19. Still, Jessa once joked that she would have more kids than her mom, so it’s unclear who might actually reach 19 kids — if any.