‘Counting On’ Fans Think Joseph and Kendra Duggar Put Their Kids in Danger While Out on the Lake

Joseph and Kendra Duggar fly under the radar more than many other members of the Duggar family. But they’re still active participants in Counting On — and they have an Instagram presence as well. Recently, the couple posted photos of their trip to visit Kendra’s family. But fans are upset by the apparent lack of safety precautions Joseph and Kendra are taking. Here’s what fans are saying.

Joseph and Kendra Duggar spent time with Kendra’s family on a lake

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Now that Joseph and Kendra have two small children, they certainly have a lot on their plate. Most of their Instagram posts are all about their two kids, Garrett and Addison. But it’s clear the couple still makes time for some fun. On Aug. 10, they posted a series of photos showing them on a boat with other members of Kendra’s family.

“It’s always fun spending time together on the lake!” Kendra and Joseph captioned their photo.

The series of photos show a few of Kendra’s siblings as well as the couple’s kids on the boat. And, to everyone’s surprise, James Duggar also made an appearance. This seems to lend credence to the theory that James is courting Kendra’s sister, Lauren. But the Duggars haven’t announced anything official yet, so Kendra and Joseph might just be giving hints at what’s going on for now.

Fans think Joseph and Kendra should have their kids in life jackets

While Joseph and Kendra look like they’re having a blast with Kendra’s family, fans noticed something worrying. In the second photo in the series, their daughter, Addison, looks like she’s in a laundry hamper — and she’s not wearing a life jacket. While Garrett is wearing a life jacket, a few of Kendra’s siblings also ditched the safety measures.

Fans were upset by what they saw, of course.

“Babe needs a life jacket too. Stay safe,” one fan commented on the Instagram photos.

“Where is baby girl life jacket????” another added.

“It’s actually the law in Arkansas too, children under 12 must wear a life preserver,” yet another added. “Hopefully Kendra will get smart about it.”

Others were less concerned about the life jacket situation and more concerned that the couple wasn’t following social distancing protocol.

“Everyone is concerned about the life jacket and not the fact all the members of the Duggars are out with others, huge groups of friends, etc. in all these various family posts and then hanging out with one another again,” yet another commented. “I swear … any and all ideas about what is common sense in the time of a pandemic has gone out the window.” 

This isn’t the first time the Duggars have been knocked for safety

While Kendra and Joseph aren’t often scolded for their parenting tactics, many of the Duggars have been in the past. Joy-Anna Duggar posted a photo of her young son, Gideon, hugging a dog, for example. And followers were upset in the comments, as they didn’t think the dog looked comfortable around Gideon.

Not only that, but Jinger Duggar’s husband, Jeremy Vuolo, also got in trouble with fans after posting a photo of their daughter, Felicity, swimming. Felicity wore puddle jumper floaters to keep her head above water — but fans warned the couple that puddle jumpers aren’t as safe as they think.

So, will Joseph and Kendra change their ways now that they’ve been called out? We’re not sure — but given how the Duggars usually proceed, they don’t take fan opinions too seriously. We’re hopeful the family will remain safe!

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