‘Counting On’ Fans Are Starting to Wonder Why 1 Duggar Woman Has Gone Missing

The Duggar family has a large social media presence. Once the kids are old enough to court, they’re also old enough to have an Instagram, and some of the Duggars have more than one million loyal followers.

Recently, though, fans have noticed that Kendra Duggar seems to have gone missing from social media — she hasn’t posted a photo of herself since April, and she didn’t attend Joy’s baby shower in mid-July. Now, fans are starting to wonder where she is.

The Duggar family
The Duggar family | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Joe and Kendra Duggar have always been quiet on social media

When Kendra and Joe began courting, they didn’t waste any time. They courted for about two months in 2017, then Joe proposed to Kendra at Joy’s wedding in May of that year. The couple tied the knot in September and started a family right away.

When Joe and Kendra launched their Instagram, fans were thrilled that they’d see more photos of the couple’s son, Garrett. But since joining Instagram back in February 2019, the two have only posted 35 photos. And it’s not uncommon for them to go several weeks — or even a couple of months — without posting something.

Joe and Kendra’s last photo together on Instagram was in January.

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Kendra hasn’t appeared on Instagram since April

In 2019, there were five new Duggar babies — all girls. For the most part, the Duggar women love sharing photos of their little girls on social media. However, Joe and Kendra have been a bit less willing to show the world countless baby photos. Kendra tends to post a photo of her daughter’s month milestones, but even that is not a guarantee.

In June, Joe and Kendra wished Garrett a happy birthday, and a few days before that, they celebrated seven months with their daughter. But the couple failed to post an eight-month photo in July, and Kendra hasn’t made an appearance on the Instagram account since April (and Joe hasn’t appeared since March).

Fans asked Michelle Duggar where Kendra has been

Earlier this month, the Duggar women got together to celebrate Joy and Austin Forsyth’s baby girl, who is coming in August. Michelle Duggar posted several photos from Joy’s baby shower, and even Jill Duggar made the cut. But fans noticed someone was missing: There was no Kendra.

Kendra Duggar did not attend Joy’s baby shower.

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One user even asked Michelle where Kendra has been and how she’s doing. “Haven’t seen Kendra in a while! Is she alright?” the user asked. The comment received nearly 30 likes, and Michelle responded. “She’s doing great!” Michelle wrote. Still, fans weren’t so convinced. “Her absence is suspicious,” someone added in response.  

Some think she might be ready to announce another pregnancy  

Kendra’s photo absence has led some to believe that she could be pregnant. The 21-year-old welcomed two kids in just over two years, so fans wouldn’t be surprised if she’s already preparing to announce baby no. 3. Reddit users, who tend to criticize the show, thought this could be Kendra’s moment of silence before making a big announcement. Still, fans can’t help but theorize why she’s been out of the spotlight for so many months.