‘Counting On’ Followers Are Furious After Amy Duggar Shares ‘All Lives Matter’ Sentiments on Twitter

There’s a lot of civil unrest occurring after the death of George Floyd. And celebrities are using their online platforms to speak upon racial injustice like never before. So far, we’ve seen plenty of reality stars use Instagram and Twitter to have discussions about racism in the U.S. — though it seems the Duggars have been suspiciously quiet.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are known for raising their 19 kids as Christian fundamentalists. But there are a few family members who have spoken out against the strict, conservatives rules the Duggars follow — and cousin Amy Duggar is one of them. Unfortunately, she’s also missing the mark with her response to Floyd’s death as she tweeted an “all lives matter” sentiment that’s getting a ton of backlash.

Amy Duggar is known for stepping away from the other Duggars

Amy Duggar appears on NBC News' 'Today' show
Amy Duggar appears on NBC News’ ‘Today’ show | Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC Newswire/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

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Many know Jill Duggar as the biggest Duggar rebel, but we can’t forget how Amy’s quite a rebel herself. Amy was close with the Duggar kids growing up, as she’s the daughter of Jim Bob’s sister, but the household she was raised in wasn’t nearly as conservative. And there have been plenty of rumors that suggest Amy doesn’t have a good relationship with her cousins or the other members of the Duggar family.

Recently, Jill’s husband, Derick Dillard, exposed some of Jim Bob’s wrongdoings — and Amy appeared to stand in solidarity with the couple. Prior to this, rumor had it that Amy didn’t attend Jinger Duggar’s wedding because the two didn’t get along. While Amy firmly stands with Jill’s family, she’s noted before that there’s absolutely no feud between her and Jinger, and she simply had prior engagements that day.

As for Amy’s relationship with Jim Bob and Michelle, it’s tough to say how close they all are. But we do know that these two have given public birthday shoutouts to Amy on social media, which seems to suggest everyone’s OK with each other.

She tweeted about ‘every life’ being important instead of just black lives

The Duggars haven’t said much (at least yet) in response to Floyd’s death. But Amy hasn’t kept quiet. She’s using her Twitter to talk about the importance of helping everyone — not just the black community — during this difficult time. While her sentiments may be littered with good intentions, making the current situation about all lives instead of black lives is harmful to the cause.

“Instead of just black lives matter. Which is very true!! Every life is important. If you have a beating heart YOU MATTER. YOU SERVE A PURPOSE. AND NO ONE IS GREATER BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN,” she tweeted.

Her Twitter followers are trying to inform Amy regarding her wrongdoing here. “The point of #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER isn’t that their life matters more than yours, but that it clearly doesn’t. Of course all loves matter, but that won’t really be true until we stop killing young black men, will it?” a follower tweeted back.

Duggar family critics think she’s completely missed the point

Amy may not stand in solidarity with Jim Bob and Michelle’s decisions, but many think she’s still missing the mark with her content.

“Of course Amy is an ‘all lives matter’ person,” a Reddit user noted of Amy’s tweet. After that, many others followed with the same sentiment.

One Reddit user wrote, “she’s literally missing the entire point of the movement. black lives matter isn’t saying only black lives matter, it’s bringing awareness to the fact that black people matter and need support and protection. but i shouldn’t be surprised amy said this. it’s amy, of course she would say something ignorant and try to make a situation about herself!”

Others found her “beating heart” comment to be ill-timed as well, as she might be advocating for the pro-life movement

“Using black lives to push her anti-abortion agenda. A+ for absolutely awful, Amy,” another Reddit user commented.

It doesn’t look like Amy’s likely to change her stance, but we’re hoping she’ll read over the comments left on the tweet and get more informed regarding the current situation!

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