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Derick Dillard has been all but blacklisted from the Duggar family, or, at the very least, that’s the way it seems to fans. The couple hasn’t appeared in recent family photos, and they’ve been suspiciously absent from several major family events and vacations. While most fans believe that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have excommunicated Derick because he managed to get himself, and Jill fired from Counting On. There might be a much lesser-known reason for his ousting, and it all seems to be linked to a live-streamed video.

Did Derick catch Michelle Duggar yelling at one of her children?

More than a year ago, Derick was hanging out at the family’s compound while he live-streamed. Touring the spacious home, Derick happened upon Michelle and one of her younger daughters. Without knowledge of the cameras rolling, Michelle appears to be berating one of the Duggar girls. Fans took issue with the scene for a multitude of reasons.

The Duggar family
The Duggar family | Ida Mae Astute/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

While there is nothing that indicates a glaring problem in the home, the second Michelle sees the camera, her demeanor changes instantly. Suddenly, she’s back to her smiling cheerful self. Moments before she was stomping down the hallway. Reddit users note the sudden attitude shift could indicate a problem, but the clip is so short that it’s hard to tell what exactly transpired before and after the clip.

Michelle has maintained a syrupy-sweet demeanor for nearly two decades on television.

The Duggar family has a well-established media brand. They’ve worked tirelessly, often with Jim Bob and Michelle at the helm, to cultivate that brand. Part of that brand is Michelle and the Duggar girl’s syrupy-sweet personas. The mother of 19 has positioned herself as a child and parenting expert. She’s offered advice and has been careful to avoid speaking about any of the less-than-stellar moments of parenting her massive family.

Derick’s Livestream, while often forgotten by anyone but the most seasoned Duggar follower, threatened the integrity of that brand, and that could have easily caught the ire of Jim Bob and Michelle. After all, the family was just beginning to work itself free from the burden of Josh Duggar’s back to back scandals. Any missteps could have been easily blown up by the media.

While Michelle’s persona slip is mostly forgotten, it’s easy to see how it could have been blown out of proportion inside the walls of the Duggar family home. Since the April 2018 Livestream, Jill and Derick appear to be spending less and less time around the family’s compound. They even moved houses without the help of any of Jill’s 18 brothers and sisters. They were also absent from a massive family trip out west. Several of the married Duggar couples were included in the vacation.

Derick doesn’t appear to be a massive fan of the Duggar family either

Ever since Derick and Jill were bouted from Counting On they’ve been keeping their distance from the rest of the Duggar family, but they’ve largely remained quiet on any issues that may exist. That was until Derick decided to take to Twitter to answer some fan questions. One query asked about the monetary compensation received for Counting On. Derick has long contended that he and his wife were not paid for their time on the show.

Now, though, Derick has eluded to the fact that Jim Bob has always been in control of any compensation received from TLC. The comment, which was subtle in its wording, suggested that Jim Bob dulled out any income from the show to the participants how he saw fit. The comment got viewers talking, and it didn’t paint Jim Bob in a positive light.