‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar Finally Reveals Her True Feelings Toward a Courtship: ‘I Wouldn’t Mind It’

Jana Duggar stars on Counting On alongside the rest of the Duggar family. But unlike her siblings, Duggar didn’t wed at a young age. For years, people have been asking her about a courtship, and she tends to dismiss the questions. But she recently opened up about what it’s really like to be the only one not courting — and that she “wouldn’t mind” meeting the right person.

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Jana Duggar | Jana Duggar via Instagram

Jana Duggar has chosen not to wed young

As the Duggar kids were growing up, Josh Duggar, Michelle and Jim Bob’s oldest son, was the first to wed. From there, nearly all of the Duggar children wed in their early twenties — or younger. But Jana Duggar opted not to take the same path. Her early twenties came and went, and she chose not to wed someone with whom she had only courted a few months, similar to the way her siblings were married.

Over the years, Duggar has been able to take interest in various hobbies, such as gardening and home design. She’s noted in the past that not marrying young as allowed her to explore more of the things she enjoys, since she doesn’t have any kids of her own.

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She recently opened up about what it’s like to not be courting

Duggar has received plenty of questions regarding her relationship status, and she’s also been at the center of various rumors about why she’s never courted. Some fans are convinced that Duggar was trying to intentionally break family tradition by not getting married, while others have theorized that she didn’t want a lot of kids, which is why she’s put off getting married.

On a recent episode of Counting On, Duggar finally revealed how she feels about a future courtship. While getting her hair done with Abbie Duggar, the stylist asked Duggar about her love life. When Duggar was asked if she wanted to be in a relationship, she added, “I wouldn’t mind it.” She said that she sometimes feels out of place when she spends time with her siblings and their spouses, as though she should be married as well, but that she feels comfort in knowing that they’re all family.

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The Duggars might have another surprising family member courting

Counting On fans are in for a surprise with the show’s Sept. 22 episode. The previews hint that another Duggar courtship is about to be announced, and fans are shocked to learn it’s Justin Duggar. On the show, the family gathers for a Zoom call, and Justin appears on video with an empty seat next to him. Though it can’t be confirmed yet that Justin is courting, those who closely follow the Duggar family have already found out that Justin appears to be courting a girl named Claire Spivey. It’s unlike the Duggars to enter courtships before they’re 18 (Justin is 17), but if it’s love, it’s love.