‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar Reveals She’s Breaking Duggar Tradition and Starting Her Own Business

Counting On star Jana Duggar has never been one to follow the rest of the Duggar pack. People have constantly questioned why Duggar didn’t get married at a young age like her siblings, but she’s always been open about enjoying doing things her own way. Now, Duggar is breaking a major family tradition by starting her own business — something no other Duggar daughter has ever done.

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Jana Duggar | Jana Duggar via Instagram

The Duggar women are raised to be wives and mothers

Michelle and Jim Bob raised their children very traditionally: The men make the money while the women care for the home and children. In the Duggar family, all of the daughters who have wed, along with the daughters-in-law, are stay-at-home mothers. The sons have started their own businesses, including car sales and home construction.

Some of the show’s viewers hope that the Duggar kids’ own daughters will have an opportunity to attend college by the time they reach that age, though it’s unclear if that will be an option. 

Some Duggar daughters have branched out more than others

In recent years, some of Michelle and Jim Bob’s daughters have strayed away from their strict family traditions. Jana chose not to wed at a young age, allowing her to do more for herself and discover her own interests. Jinger Duggar moved out to Los Angeles and now lives a more mainstream life than most of her family. She’s opened herself up to new music, television, and friends, and even encourages her daughter to play sports.

Jill Duggar has branched out from her parents as well. She recently enrolled her older son in public school, wears shorts, and even revealed that she drinks alcohol.

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Jana Duggar just revealed she’s starting her own true business

In a recent episode of Counting On, John Duggar revealed that Jana is planning to start her own business — a territory which no Duggar daughter has ever explored.

“I am trying to start a business,” Jana said. “It’s still in the beginning stages. I’m hoping to sell different things for the home.” Jana noted that she wants to expand into home décor as much as she can. “Probably adding different gardening things, tools and stuff… Still brainstorming on it.” She added that the business will be mostly online, though she might someday expand to a brick and mortar location but wants to start small.

Jana Duggar has spearheaded various remodels and home projects in her family.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar compared her to their sons

Michelle and Jim Bob didn’t necessarily raise their daughters to be business owners, and they compared Jana to their sons. “Some of the boys have bought and sold cars, they’ve bought and sold houses,” Jim Bob said of his family’s entrepreneurial spirit.

“She probably is the first girl, daughter, that’s really ventured out to do a business like that,” Michelle added; the two seem supportive of their daughter’s new business venture. Jana’s business has not yet been formally launched, and it’s unclear when customers will be able to purchase her goods.