‘Counting On’: Jason Duggar Joins Instagram, Is a Courtship Announcement Next?

Another courtship might be in the works for the Duggar family. Counting On star Jason Duggar just joined Instagram, sparking speculation that he might be getting ready to announce a new relationship. Has Jason started courting or is he just breaking away from his family’s long-standing tradition regarding social media?

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‘Counting On’ star Jason Duggar | Duggar Family Instagram

‘Counting On’ star Jason Duggar joins Instagram

As Counting On fans are well aware, members of the Duggar family normally don’t join social media until they have started courting or have tied the knot. There have been very few exceptions to the rule, which is why fans are convinced Jason is courting.

Jason recently launched his own account on Instagram and has already started sharing photos of himself and his family members.

This includes a recent post that Jason shared after enjoying a bike ride after work. “Met up with this crew after work for a bike ride on our local trail! #RazorbackGreenway!” he captioned the image.

Although Jason hasn’t announced anything about his romantic life, fans quickly speculated that he has probably already started courting someone. This, of course, is not the first time Jason has faced these types of rumors, but viewers are convinced they are right this time.

“I smell a courtship brewing!!” one Counting On fan commented, while another added, “The boys get insta … then a courtship! It’s been noted in the past.”

Many of the Duggars indeed join social media after they start courting, but a few of Jason’s siblings have broken this tradition. This includes Jana Duggar, who started an Instagram page in 2019, and Jedidiah Duggar, who joined the platform last October.

Have Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar relaxed their social media rules?

Unless Jason announces a courtship in the coming months, it looks like Jim Bob and Michelle may have changed some of their rules regarding social media.

In the past, the Counting On parents have prohibited their children from using Instagram and Twitter until after they got engaged. Now that three of their single children have joined Instagram, it is possible that those rules have changed.

That said, there might be another reason why Jason joined Instagram. Many of his posts are related to his work, and his official bio says that he is a contractor.

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Back to the ol’ grind. #monday

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There is a good chance that Jason is planning on using his influence on Instagram to grow his business. Just like his father, Jason is in the real estate business and has already renovated and flipped a few houses.

For example, he recently sold a farmhouse for well over $200,000. Given how Jason will likely attract a large following on social media because of Counting On, joining Instagram is actually a pretty smart move for the 20-year-old.

What about those romance rumors sparked on ‘Counting On’?

While there may be other reasons why Jason is suddenly on Instagram, there is always the chance that he is on the verge of starting a courtship. We cannot confirm that Jason has found anyone special, but he has been linked to one special woman in the past.

There have been a lot of rumors about Jason sparking up a romance with Lauren Caldwell, the younger sister of Kendra Caldwell. Kendra is married to Jason’s older brother, Joseph Duggar, which is why he and Lauren are so close.

Reports of a romance between Jason and Lauren started after the pair were spotted getting extra cozy in some photos. This includes the time they stood next to each other while holding Kendra and Joseph’s daughter, Addison Renee on a special episode of Counting On.

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The image of the two sparked some speculation that he might be the next Duggar to tie the knot. After all, he would hardly be the first member of the family to exchange vows with a close friend of the family.

Jason and Lauren have largely ignored the romance rumors, but that could change now that he is on social media.

Fans can watch Jason in action when new episodes of Counting On air Tuesday nights on TLC.