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There are plenty of Duggar kids we hear about quite often, like Jessa, Jinger, Jill, and Jana Duggar. But others are just emerging into the spotlight now. Jedidiah Duggar started accruing a following after getting into politics. And now, he and his twin brother, Jeremiah Duggar, have their own place they’re showing off to friends and family.

While the twins are excited about their new home, their sleeping arrangements have left fans scratching their heads. It seems Jeremiah and Jedidiah share a bedroom despite having multiple rooms in the home.

The Duggars shared rooms growing up in the family home

Raising 19 kids was no easy task for Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Not only did they have to get thrifty with clothing and buy groceries in bulk to save some cash, but their large family home didn’t have enough rooms for all the kids. For this reason, none of the kids had their own rooms when growing up. Instead, the rooms were sectioned off by gender.

Romper notes the home the kids grew up in was 7,000 square feet and came with an industrial kitchen and rooms just used as clothing closets and for laundry machines. Despite all the space, there were only three rooms used as bedrooms. There was Jim Bob and Michelle’s room, the girl’s room, and the boy’s room.

According to the Duggar kids, they actually love sharing a bedroom with their siblings of the same gender. “Fun times,” Jill said in an old TLC clip from when she lived at home. “It’s like having a bunking party every night.”

Jedidiah and Jeremiah Duggar now share a bedroom in their new place

It looks like Jedidiah and Jeremiah are taking inspiration from their childhood with their new place. The twins decided that now that they’re 21 years old, they’re ready to venture outside of the family home, though it’s typical of the Duggar kids to stay with Jim Bob and Michelle until marriage. While Jed and Jeremiah are taking matters into their own hands, it seems they’re still sleeping in the same room with their beds right next to each other.

YouTuber Without a Crystal Ball went through Jed and Jeremiah’s new home. The house isn’t very big, though the twins do manage to make room for a large ping pong table in their living room. And when it comes to their room, they each have a twin bed in the same room, and the beds are next to each other with minimal space between them.

Without a Crystal Ball points out that Jeremiah and Jed set up a guest room with bunk beds, too, which proves they could each have their own room if they wanted.

Fans think it’s strange that they sleep in the same room despite having multiple rooms in the house


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Not only could Jed and Jeremiah have their own space, but fans also find it strange that they chose to have twin beds. Fans commented their thoughts and feelings on Without a Crystal Ball’s video.

“They probably aren’t ‘allowed’ to have a matrimonial sized bed till they are married,” one fan commented.

“No real level headed woman is going to date or marry a ‘man’ who wants to still share a room with his brother,” another wrote.

“The ping pong table seems completely normal to me for bachelors. However the twin beds are completely weird and not normal to me,” yet another commented. “Specially considering there’s more than one room.”

Maybe Jeremiah and Jed will take these comments into consideration and rearrange their home. We know fans would love this for them!

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