‘Counting On’: Jeremy Vuolo Said He Loves Jinger Duggar’s Hair ‘Any Color She Wants,’ But Critics Don’t Believe Him

Jinger Duggar is known as the “rebel” in the Duggar family, and she continues to surprise Counting On viewers with her personal style choices. Those who follow Jinger know she moved to Los Angeles with husband Jeremy Vuolo. And the couple’s currently expecting another baby so their daughter, Felicity, will be a big sister.

Unfortunately, family critics are wary of Jeremy. He claims to love any color Jinger dyes her hair, but critics aren’t so sure. Here’s why.

Jinger Duggar shocked fans by going blonde

The Duggar women are known for having long, luscious locks, and it’s a big deal when they change up their hair. It’s not every day that a Duggar woman dyes her hair, either. But Jinger is all about embracing the modern Los Angeles look — and she’s going all-out with her new style.

Back in February 2020, she surprised everyone by debuting her new blonde hair to Instagram. “As Valentine’s Day slowly approaches, I thought it would be nice to go for a new hairdo!” she captioned her Instagram post on Feb. 3. And her fans seemed to adore her new look.

“Jinger you look amazing!!!” one follower commented on the post.

“You go girl, you look beautiful, thanks to your hubby for making you realize what real life is all about,” another noted.

“Looks amazing!” yet another wrote. “So thankful you found Jeremy and got away from your cultish family! Live your best life.”

Jeremy Vuolo said he loves Jinger’s hair however she chooses to wear it

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You’re my number 1 with the lemonade!

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Those who know the Duggars know Jinger grew up with ultra-strict rules regarding how she can dress and style herself. And we know Jeremy is also quite religious and strict himself. He’s attending school to pursue a career path in ministry, and he and Jinger have a podcast where they discuss how they bring their faith in all aspects of their lives.

While some believed Jeremy may have taken issue with Jinger changing up her look, he reassured fans that Jinger can do whatever she wants with her ‘do — and he supports it. He posted a photo of himself and Jinger on Aug. 10. And a Reddit user noted one fan asked Jeremy, “Did you want Jinger to dye her hair?”

To that, Jeremy answered, “I don’t remember whose idea it was but I love it brown or blonde or black or any color she wants it!!!”

Duggar family critics are wary of Jeremy’s response

Duggar fans and critics alike don’t trust Jeremy’s response to Jinger’s hair. It’s long been speculated that Jeremy likes blonde hair best, and that’s why Jinger changed up her look. He also noted on Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s Behind the Scenes podcast that he’s had impure “temptations” before despite loving Jinger, and Jinger helps him through the tough times.

Not only that, but Duggar critics think Jeremy was once caught on camera eyeing up a blonde woman who passed him by. Jinger was next to him, too.

“She’s completely changed her style since she’s been with him,” one Reddit user noted. “Does he expect us all to think that’s a coincidence?”

“He knows it would make him look bad if he said it was his idea but he can’t bring himself to say it was Jinger’s so he gives the classic half-truth instead,” another noted of Jeremy’s response to Jinger’s hair.

“Well we all know it wasn’t Jinger’s idea,” another added. “She was only ever taught that it is acceptable to ruin your hair with at home perms.”

We hope Jinger truly does love her blonde locks and continues to make decisions for herself regarding her looks. As for Jeremy — we also hope he’s sincere in saying Jinger can do whatever she likes!

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