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Jessa Duggar’s well known amongst Counting On fans. The mom has three young kids with husband Ben Seewald, and she keeps her fans updated on what’s going on with her life via Instagram and YouTube.

While Jessa certainly has a large fan base, she also has a number of critics worried about her and Ben’s parenting. And she recently had to explain why her son, Henry, had a bandage across his face. Here’s what she said.

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald have 3 kids

Those who follow the Duggars know Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar had 19 kids, and they don’t believe in birth control. As for Ben and Jessa, we’re not sure exactly where they stand on the birth control front. But it’s clear they adore kids, too, as they already have three of their own.

Spurgeon, the oldest of Jessa and Ben’s kids, is 4. Henry, the middle child, is just 2, and Ivy, the baby, is a year old.

It doesn’t sound like Jessa and Ben are finished having children, either. They talked to Us Weekly in July 2020 about the possibility of adopting a fourth child. “We’re just in a stage of, like, meeting with people who have adopted and getting advice, hearing their stories and seeing what that might look like for us,” Ben explained.

Adoption aside, many are starting to wonder if Jessa’s pregnant as well. A recent video from Ivy’s birthday has Jim Bob making a joke about a gender reveal cake, and everyone’s curious what it all means.

Jessa explained why Henry had a bandage across his face in a photo Ben posted

Ben and Jessa get ultra-candid with their Instagram posts, as they’re not afraid to show their followers what parenting really looks like for them. From their messy home to their projects in the backyard to how they’re raising their kids, we see it all. But fans had questions when Ben posted a series of photos showing Henry with a bandage under his eye.

“He said ‘Look, I’m holding Ivy!'” Ben captioned his post of Ivy sitting on Henry.

“He’s such a sweet big bro!” Jessa commented.

Unfortunately, fans couldn’t ignore the bandage.

“What happened to Henry’s eye??” one follower commented along with a blue heart. And Jessa took to the comment to explain.

“Henry and Spurgeon were playing with sticks in the backyard and he got a little scratch on his cheek,” Jessa wrote. “Of course, bandaids are always ‘needed’ even if the boo-boo is minor.”

Jessa has a history of clapping back at fans


Jessa Duggar Said Having Her Third Baby, Ivy, Was a ‘Huge Transition’ For Her Sons

While Jessa didn’t have to get aggressive with this fan’s question, she hasn’t held back in the past. Many have called out Jessa and Ben’s parenting before — and Jessa hasn’t hesitated to set them straight.

Jessa recently posted a video that seemed to show Ivy with a few bumps on her head. And she didn’t hesitate to address it when a fan brought it up in the comments.

“Got some nice bumps on her head,” the follower commented.

“Mosquito bites from playing outside. Bless her!” Jessa sweetly fought back.

Even back in 2019, a fan asked what Jessa does for a living since she doesn’t have a job outside of the home. “I’m currently caring for 3 kids 3 and under. 24/7, 365,” Jessa clapped back. “Still gotta work on sick days, and vacations too for that matter. It’s hard work, but so rewarding. Honestly though, I feel so blessed to be able to stay at home with them! I know not every mother has that opportunity.”

We love how real Jessa gets with hers fans, as it really adds to her personality. And we’re happy to know that Henry wasn’t in any real danger despite what the bandage might look like!

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