‘Counting On’ Fans Are Obsessed With Jessa Duggar’s Hilarious Video of Daughter Ivy Jane: ‘So Precious’

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald welcomed their daughter, Ivy Jane Seewald, back in May 2019. Ivy recently celebrated her first birthday, and fans can’t believe how quickly she’s growing — and how intelligent she is.

Duggar recently posted a cute, funny video of her daughter playing hide and seek, and fans are loving it.  

Jessa Duggar and her daughter, Ivy Jane
Jessa Duggar and her daughter, Ivy Jane | Jessa Seewald via Instagram

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald have three kids

Duggar and Seewald wed back in 2014, and they didn’t waste any time with starting a family. Duggar was raised with 18 other siblings, plus parents who did not believe in birth control, so it was expected that she and Seewald would have a large family. Within a few months of their wedding, the two announced a pregnancy.

They welcomed their first son, Spurgeon, in November 2015. A little more than a year later, their second child, Henry, was born. And a little more than a year after that, the two welcomed their first daughter, Ivy Jane. All of the Seewald kids are 15 months apart.

Fans think Ivy is intelligent for her age

Duggar loves posting photos and videos of all of her kids, but she seems to love showing off her little girl the most. She recently posted a video of Ivy singing “Happy Birthday,” and fans couldn’t believe she had memorized the words at only 13 months old. Ivy seems to have a lot of intelligence for a young age, but Duggar enjoys posting videos of her daughter having fun as well. Ivy plays in the water table in the backyard, and she even tried to take her father’s toothbrush while he brushed his teeth.

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Duggar just posted the funniest video of Ivy trying to play hide and seek

Duggar recently posted a video playing hide and seek with her daughter, and Ivy chose to hide behind one of the curtains. However, she didn’t realize that her feet were sticking out underneath the curtain. “It’s too cute when her feet are sticking out in plain sight, but she thinks she’s totally hidden,” Duggar’s caption read. Fans were loving it.

“Sooooo cute!!!” someone wrote. “I see so much of Grandma Mary in her characteristics,” another user commented. “Cuteness overload,” another user added. Fans also told stories of how their own little kids used to do the same.

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Will Duggar and Seewald announce a pregnancy soon?

Duggar and Seewald welcomed their first three kids in five years, and all three were born the same distance apart. But in order for Duggar to continue that pattern, she’d have to welcome another child in August of this year, and since she hasn’t announced a pregnancy, that doesn’t seem likely.

Duggar once joked about having as many kids as her mother, so it’s possible the two will still have more. Plus, Duggar and Seewald have both said they might someday adopt kids, meaning it’s possible they’ll expand their family through adoption if Duggar chooses not to get pregnant again.