‘Counting On’: Jessa Duggar Finally Sets the Record Straight About Her Suspected Pregnancy

When it comes to Duggar pregnancies, fans are always on alert for who might be welcoming the next baby. Michelle and Jim Bob are expecting two new grandchildren this year, and recently, fans have suspected that Jessa Duggar might be pregnant, too.

Fans began to question Duggar’s plans for a fourth child, and many thought they saw a baby bump in her recent posts. The Counting On star finally set the record straight about whether she is pregnant with baby no. 4.

Jessa Duggar and her daughter, Ivy Jane
Jessa Duggar and her daughter, Ivy Jane | Jessa Seewald via Instagram

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald have three kids who are each 15 months apart

When Duggar and Seewald wed, they didn’t wait long to start a family. Duggar became pregnant with the couple’s first child about three months after their wedding, and she and Seewald welcomed their first son, Spurgeon, in November 2015.

The two have since welcomed two more children; Henry in 2017 and Ivy Jane in 2019. All three kids are only 15 months apart, so fans thought the two might be developing a pattern in how often they have kids. Ultimately, though, that means the couple’s fourth child would have been born in August 2020, and Duggar and Seewald did not announce another pregnancy this year.

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Duggar recently confirmed she is not pregnant with baby no. 4

Earlier in the year, Jinger and Joy Duggar both announced that they are expecting little girls; Joy is due in August while Jinger is due in November. Fans began to think that the Seewald family might be growing, too, based on Duggar’s outfits and the timing. People began to pry, asking if Duggar was expecting baby no. 4. For a while, nobody addressed the rumors.

Finally, one fan was convinced Duggar was hiding a bump in a recent photo, and the Counting On star decided to address the comments. “Will you announce your 4th pregnancy soon? Noticed the bump,” one fan wrote.

Duggar set the record straight that she is definitely not pregnant. “There’s no baby behind the bump — only tacos. Thanks for asking,” Duggar wrote, complete with a laughing emoji.

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Duggar and Seewald have said they’re considering adopting their fourth child

Though fans might think the timing is right for Duggar and Vuolo to announce a fourth pregnancy, those two don’t seem to agree. The couple recently spoke with Us Weekly, where they revealed they have been looking into adoption for their fourth child. “We’re just in a stage of, like, meeting with people who have adopted and getting advice, hearing their stories and seeing what that might look like for us,” Seewald said.

Duggar and Seewald have always said they plan to adopt at some point, and now could be the right time. Still, some fans think the two will upgrade from their two-bedroom home before becoming a family of six.