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It’s hard to keep things a secret from the Internet. As interest in the Duggar family continues, their pregnancy announcements are becoming less and less shocking. Jessa Duggar’s pregnancy announcements have been met with increasingly less surprise each time, and her fourth one was downright boring to most family followers. Critics have largely assumed Jessa has been pregnant for months. It isn’t the first time they accurately predicted a Duggar family pregnancy, either. 

Fans noticed that Jessa hadn’t posted a full-body photo since March 2020

The first indications that Jessa and Ben were expanding their family came in 2020. Family followers were quick to notice that Jessa hadn’t posted a full-body photo of herself since March 2020 and has remained largely out of photos since around that time, too. In pictures and videos that she did appear in, family followers thought she looked tired.

Given Jessa’s track record, it would only make sense that she was pregnant again. Jessa married Ben in November 2014, and they quickly started having children. They welcomed their first child, Spurgeon Elliot Seewald, in November 2015. In February 2017, their second child, Henry Wilberforce Seewald, was born. Their first daughter, Ivy Jane Seewald, was born in March 2019. Considering the spacing of her other three children, she was due to announce another pregnancy.

Jessa Duggar’s pregnancy announcement didn’t surprise fans because of a clothing choice

Family followers also noticed that Jessa had a sudden interest in wearing pants. While two of her married sisters and several of her sisters-in-law wear pants, Jessa continued the Duggar tradition of only wearing skirts and dresses. Suddenly, though, she began appearing in videos wearing sweatpants.

Several of the Duggar kids at 'Extra' in New York City
Jessa Duggar with several of her Siblings | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

The sweatpants were often coupled with baggie t-shirts, which critics insisted was an attempt to hide a baby bump. Reddit users noted that the mother of three, even in a baggie shirt, appeared to be pregnant in Ivy’s birthday video. While she wasn’t pregnant with this child in May 2020, Jessa did disclose that she suffered a miscarriage in 2020. She did not mention how far along she was when she lost the pregnancy.

Duggar family follower accurately predicted Kendra Caldwell’s pregnancy, too

Kendra, who married Joseph Duggar in September 2017, is currently awaiting her third child’s arrival. Kendra and Joseph made quick work of expanding their family and have announced a pregnancy each year they have been married.


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Family followers quickly noticed that Kendra stepped away from social media and seemed to be absent from Duggar family events during the Coronavirus pandemic. They assumed a pregnancy announcement was forthcoming, and that is exactly what they got. In August 2020, the couple announced that they were expecting a “tiebreaker” in early 2021. Kendra is due in late February 2021.