‘Counting On’: Jill Duggar Just Confirmed She Drinks Alcohol Now

It’s official; Jill Duggar isn’t currently pregnant. Duggar family followers have spent months speculating about when or if Jill and Derick Dillard will have another child. If the couple is planning a third, they certainly aren’t already expecting. Jill and Derick enjoyed a rare pandemic date night recently, and Jill was drinking. With one Instagram comment, Jill put to rest the pregnancy speculations and informed her fans that she isn’t following the Duggar family rule when it comes to alcohol.

The Duggar family famously abstains from alcohol

Jim Bob Duggar, Michelle Dugar, and most of the Duggar kids follow the rules of the Institute of Basic Life Principles. The IBLP, a controversial Christian ministry, strongly encourages its followers to abstain from alcohol. The Duggars have followed the rule for decades. Jim Bob and Michelle do not drink, and their children have seemed to follow the guidelines, too.

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So far, eight of the Duggars’ 19 children have gotten married. All eight of the weddings have been featured on the family’s television shows. While each wedding had unique elements, none of them included alcohol for the bride and groom nor the guests. The family is so against drinking that a champagne toast isn’t even included in the events. Now, however, one of the Duggars kids appears to have abandoned the family’s scrict, no alcohol policy.   

Derick has alluded to the fact that they drink in the past

While Jill has remained tight-lipped about her personal choices, her husband, Derick, has been a lot more upfront with his beliefs. The father of two and law school student regularly answers fan questions and shares information about the Duggar family via his social media pages. In recent months, Derick has suggested he isn’t opposed to birth control, lambasted his father-in-law for preventing the men in the family from getting jobs, and has taken a stance on alcohol.

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From the sounds of it, Derick doesn’t have an issue with drinking. In fact, he and Jill recently joined Amy Duggar King and her husband, Dillon King, for cocktails at the lounge the couple owns. In the caption, Derick thanked his hosts for the food, drinks, and good company. Since Derick appears to drink, fans assumed Jill did, too, and now she seems to have confirmed that she doesn’t mind having an alcoholic beverage.

Jill appeared to confirm her stance on alcohol in her Instagram comments

Jill took to Instagram recently to share a photo of herself and her husband on a date. An eagle-eyed follower spotted a drink on the table and asked Jill about her chosen beverage. She wasn’t drinking just water on her special night out. Instead, she was enjoying a Pina Colada. The cocktail is pretty popular and generally includes white rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice.

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A fan questioned whether Jill’s drink was prepared with alcohol or if it was a virgin version of the fruity cocktail. She was quick to respond that it was “regular,” which family followers have taken as confirmation that she indulges from time to time. The comment is the first time that Jill has personally spoken out about alcoholic beverages.