‘Counting On’ Critic Claims Jim Bob Duggar Didn’t Pay Workers Who Built the Family’s Massive Home

Counting On star Jim Bob Duggar has been accused of being unethical at times — even by his own son-in-law, Derick Dillard. And for a while, critics have questioned Jim Bob’s honesty with his family. But one person recently claimed that Jim Bob never fully paid the workers who helped build the family’s massive home.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar | Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

Critics often slam the Duggar family’s lifestyle

Though Michelle and Jim Bob have plenty of fans, there are quite a few people who don’t agree with their lifestyle choices. The two chose to raise their kids with very strict rules and values, but in the process, they also sheltered them quite a bit. Almost all of the married children met their spouses through Jim Bob, which has had some people suggest their marriages could be arranged.

Besides the Duggars’ life choices, though, fans have also questioned their honesty. There have been rumors that Jim Bob Duggar keeps money from his family, and Derick Dillard once claimed that he was never paid for any of his time on the family’s reality show.  

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Jim Bob has come under fire for allegedly keeping money from his family

Jim Bob is clearly the patriarch of the family. He reportedly sets his kids up with jobs, spouses, and homes, and he seems to call all the shots. Jim Bob’s son in law, Derick Dillard, who is married to Jill Duggar, has made some stark claims about his father-in-law since leaving the family’s reality show in 2017. Dillard alleged that Jim Bob essentially controls every aspect of his family — including the money.

It’s unclear how much TLC pays the Duggars for their show, but Derick suggested that Jim Bob is the one who keeps the money, then distributes it. He reportedly gives it to his kids, which is one way they can afford their homes, cars, etc.

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One critic claims Jim Bob failed to fully pay employees during his home construction

Critics in the popular Reddit group “DuggarSnark” tend to criticize the Duggar family’s every move. But in a recent thread about the Duggar family home, people were angry to learn that Jim Bob put his kids to work while building it to save on construction costs. And that’s when one fan came forward and said that Jim Bob reportedly didn’t fully pay those who were working on his home.

“An Alice-type online commenter who said she knew the family said basically all of his work had to be torn out by contractors paid for by TLC… [Jim Bob] also apparently was running out of money and didn’t pay several of the people he had hired to help him,” the user accused, crediting someone else for revealing it. “I knew there was no way they’d actually done all of that work themselves and done it properly,” someone replied.

It’s important to note that there is nothing to confirm the accusation. Though there have been quite a few Duggars “insiders” who have come forward about the family in the past, we can’t prove whether Jim Bob actually failed to pay some of the people working on his home.