‘Counting On’: Jim Bob Duggar Once Noted Jeremy Vuolo’s Measly ‘Pastor’s Salary’ Won’t Be Enough for Jinger Duggar

Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar are happily together in Los Angeles, as Jeremy is attending a pastor program to advance him in the church. While the two seem like they’re doing incredibly well so far, we can’t forget that Jim Bob Duggar grilled Jeremy prior to the big move. And it seems Jim Bob was worried Jeremy’s small salary wouldn’t be enough for Jinger’s love of thrift shopping.

The Duggars are known for their thrifty ways

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar had 19 children, which is plenty of mouths to feed and bodies to clothe. When it came to shopping, the busy parents were quite frugal. And they went thrift shopping whenever possible to save money.

We shop mostly at thrift shops and consignment shops and sale racks,” Jessa Duggar noted in a Counting On YouTube video alongside Jinger. “We love that sort of thing. So, 95% of the stuff we wear is thrift shops and consignment shops.”

Jessa then noted that in order to be a successful thrift shopper, patience is absolutely required. “You have to sort through the racks and dig through usually a lot of stuff you would never consider buying to find the one item,” she added.

The Duggar women are thrifty about maternity clothes, too. Because the family adores children and largely doesn’t believe in birth control, there are plenty of grandkids for Jim Bob and Michelle. And the Duggar daughters and daughters-in-law who have gone through pregnancies have shared maternity wear.

Jim Bob Duggar once told Jeremy Vuolo a pastor’s salary won’t afford Jinger Duggar’s style

Those who’ve kept up with the Duggars have noticed Jinger’s style has changed vastly since moving to Los Angeles. Now, the reality star looks sleek and classic with blazers, pants, and freshly dyed hair. And even back when she lived with her parents, she still did the best she could with finding cute styles while thrifting.

Jim Bob wasn’t too keen on Jinger’s love of shopping, though. He warned Jeremy that Jinger might want to spend too much money on clothing and ultimately break the bank.

“Well, Jeremy, being on kind of a modest pastor’s salary, when you get married, it’s gonna be a lot tighter going from being a single guy to being a married guy,” Jim Bob explained in a TLC clip. “Jinger loves to go thrift shopping. And it’s expensive.”

“Thrift shopping is expensive?” Jeremy asked Jim Bob.

“Yeah,” Jim Bob verified.

Jeremy then spoke to TLC cameras about the conversation. “So, Mr. Duggar wanted to talk about Jinger and her love for thrift store shopping,” he started. And Jeremy seemed totally unsure of the conversation.

Duggar family critics think it was all a power move by Jim Bob


Duggar Family Critics Think There’s Evidence Jinger Duggar Doesn’t Have Any Real Friends in Los Angeles

Many fans and critics alike think Jim Bob was just trying to intimidate Jeremy, as the thrift store conversation took place before he and Jinger married.

“Thrift store shopping is the cheapest way to buy clothes,” a fan commented on the clip. “It’s literally a dollar for a piece of clothing. What’s he on about,”

“Maybe Jim Bob wouldn’t have to ask about finances if he actually let his daughters attend university or acquire an employable trade,” another person wrote.

“He loves to put the guys on the spot and sort of challenge their manhood,” another wrote. “He seems to want to assert himself as the alpha. Jeremy did not play that game.”

It seems Jeremy gets along fine with Jim Bob now, as Jeremy still takes part in TLC’s Counting On despite living across the country with Jinger. Not only that, but given Jinger’s style upgrade, it seems their little family isn’t hurting for cash, either.

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