‘Counting On’: Jinger Duggar Hinted Years Ago That She Wanted to Be Independent From Her Family

For a while, Counting On star Jinger Duggar was the only daughter who had broken away from the Duggar family. (These days, Jill Duggar has done the same.) Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, moved to Texas when they were married and have since settled down in Los Angeles, California.

Duggar has been trying to succeed as an influencer; it seems like she’s looking for a way to be a bit more financially independent. And she made it clear years ago that she wanted to make her own money.

Jinger Duggar with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo
Jinger Duggar with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo | Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Jinger Duggar has carved a life of her own since moving out

When Duggar married Vuolo, she started living a life that was very different from the way her parents raised her. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar did not allow their kids to do things most modern American children love, such as play on a sports team, watch television, or wear the clothes they want. Duggar had to wear skirts, was homeschooled, and was never even allowed to dance.

When she married Vuolo, everything changed. She started watching more TV and became more creative with her style. By the time the two announced they were moving to Los Angeles, Duggar dyed her hair light blonde — and has since cut it much shorter. While some people worry about the control Vuolo has over his wife, others are happy to see Duggar living a life that’s more on her own terms.

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Duggar was the only daughter who made money when she was younger

The Duggar daughters were brought up in a very traditional household: The man makes the money while the woman cares for the home and kids. And for the most part, this holds true for all of the married children. But when Duggar was younger, she did something that none of her sisters tried to do — she made money on her own terms. 

In season 2 of Counting On, Duggar accompanied her brothers to a used car auction, where she purchased her first vehicle with their help. From there, she recruited her younger sister, Joy, to detail the car (Joy had taken a detailing class), and Duggar cleaned up the car as best she could. She sold it at a higher price and profited $500. Her drive to make her own money suggests she always wanted to lead a different life from her family — and she realized that dream with Vuolo.

Duggar has since tried to make a career out of her Instagram

Duggar didn’t further her education after graduating her homeschool program, but she has made an effort to make her own money. For several years, she photographed all of her siblings’ engagement photos, and though she likely didn’t get paid, it had hints of entrepreneurship. Now, she’s redefined her Instagram with the hope of getting influencer deals (though some of them have fallen through).

Though it hasn’t happened yet, we could potentially see Duggar diving into her own business someday. Duggar women typically don’t drift too far from their husbands, so she might recruit Vuolo to help her out, but it wouldn’t surprise us if the two of them launch some sort of business venture in the future.