‘Counting On’: Jinger Duggar’s Husband Just Dressed Their Daughter and Fans Are Freaking Out Over Her Outfit

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are raising their daughter a bit differently than most of the other Duggar children. Felicity is Duggar and Vuolo’s only child, though the two recently announced they are expecting baby no. 2 in November.

Vuolo has become a very hands-on dad since he and Duggar had Felicity, and he often plays soccer with his little girl. Now, he’s even dressing her to match him, and fans are obsessing over Felicity’s recent outfit.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo
Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Discovery Channel

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo allow Felicity to play sports and watch TV

Ever since Duggar and Vuolo wed, fans have theorized they’ll be the ones to break some major family rules. The couple moved down to Texas after their wedding, and Duggar began wearing pants; she even dyed her hair blonde and recently cut it. And the two seem to be establishing freer rules for their daughter, too.

Felicity just turned two, and Duggar and Vuolo are already raising her differently. She’s able to watch television and play sports; she often plays soccer with her dad. (Vuolo is a former professional soccer player.) The two enrolled her in swim lessons as well — something Duggar never learned when she was young because her parents didn’t allow her to swim (bathing suits were seen as too promiscuous).

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Vuolo recently dressed his daughter in Jordans

Growing up, the Duggar kids dressed very conservatively. They weren’t up to date on the trendiest brands or fads. But Duggar and Vuolo seem to be giving Felicity a chance to explore some different styles. Vuolo recently dressed his daughter to match him, and a pair of toddler Jordans sat on her feet.

“Her 4s are my all-time favorite Jordans,” one user wrote. “Absolutely love that you put her in Jordans!! Cutest thing ever!!” another user commented. Vuolo’s shoes matched his daughter’s bow, too, but fans joked that his hair needed a bow to complete the look.   

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We coordinated outfits. Kind of.

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Duggar and Vuolo seem open to raising their daughter with fewer rules

Felicity is only two, but it seems she’s already been exposed to more than her mother was growing up. The two appear to have changed the rules for raising kids compared to Duggar’s family. Fans love to see that Felicity is being raised with the adventures most toddlers experience.

In the spring, Duggar and Vuolo announced that they’re expecting another little girl in November. The two told fans they had gone through a miscarriage last year but that they’re feeling blessed to be welcoming another baby. Fans are excited to watch Felicity become a big sister.

Duggar and Vuolo haven’t specified how many kids they want, though she hinted that she’s behind her older sister, Jessa Duggar, but wants to catch up. This means the two will likely have at least three, but nothing is confirmed.