‘Counting On’: Jinger Duggar’s Fans Call Jeremy Vuolo a ‘Dictator,’ Warn Her That’s He’s Too Controlling

Jinger Duggar’s Instagram followers have some concerns about her relationship with Jeremy Vuolo. The Counting On star’s fans shared their unvarnished opinions about what they think is the couple’s unhealthy dynamic after Jinger shared a video of her and her husband on May 3. 

Jinger and Jeremy shared a ‘Would you rather?” video 

Jiinger and Jeremy at an event
Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar | Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

In the video (the second in a series), Jinger and Jeremy ask each other a series of “Would you rather?” questions. For example, Jeremy asks Jinger if she’d rather eat at her favorite restaurant for a year or try a new restaurant every time. Jinger asks Jeremy if he’d rather have hands or feet that never stop growing. (For the record, Jinger says she’d rather go to a different restaurant every time, while Jeremy says he’d prefer to have feet that don’t stop growing.) 

The goofy, lighthearted questions were clearly supposed to be a bit funny, but some people who watched the video saw something a bit troubling. 

One person called Jeremy a ‘dictator’

Jinger and Jeremy came in for some criticism after she shared their first “Would you rather?” video. Commenters on that post said they thought the seminary student was disrespecting his wife by cutting her off when she was speaking and arguing with her responses. 

Similar comments flooded Jinger’s more recent post. 

“I have a question for Jeremy. Would you rather have a spouse that is her own person or one that is exactly like you?” one asked, implying that Jinger felt that she had to tailor her answers to meet his expectations. 

“I’ve always noticed or had an intuition that Jeremy is a dictator, controlling perfectionist,” another commented. “Jinger has to adhere to his needs and commands … What’s worse, Jinger was raised and prepared to please her husband.”

Jeremy makes a crack about Jinger’s clothes as a kid

A few people were especially bothered by a comment Jeremy made about the clothes Jinger wore when she was younger. After he asked whether she’d rather be someone with an outdated fashion sense or zero fashion sense, she hesitated before answering. Then he made a crack about her having both based on her childhood pictures, to which Jinger responded with a laugh. 

Before she got married, Jinger tended to wear conservative skirts and dresses that weren’t exactly the height of fashion. As she’s gotten older, she’s ditched some of her family’s stricter rules regarding dress and modesty. These days, she wears pants and shorts and generally looks more stylish. 

Still, a few people thought Jeremy’s comment was out of line, especially considering that Jinger probably didn’t have much control over what she wore in her younger years. 

“Jeremy’s a wannabe social climber,” one wrote. “The comment he made about her fashion sense as a child was so bad.”

But others defended Jeremy, saying that he helped Jinger break free from some of her family’s stricter rules. 

“You two seem happy together,” one commented. “That’s what matters.”  

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