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Counting On stars Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo somewhat took themselves out of the spotlight after Duggar gave birth to the couple’s second daughter last November. The two wanted to spend time working on their family, which only led negative rumors to circulate about their relationship.

Duggar and Vuolo just posted the first photo of them enjoying a night out in what feels like ages — and fans are actually so happy to see it.

'Counting On' stars Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo in 2019
‘Counting On’ stars Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo in 2019 | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Discovery Channel

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo took time away from fans to focus on their family

Last November, Duggar and Vuolo welcomed their second child — a daughter named Evangeline Jo. Prior to Evangeline’s birth, Duggar and Vuolo had been busy with various business endeavors, from their Hope We Hold podcast to their Hope and Stead accessories brand. Plus, the two were frequently letting fans into their lives through social media.

Once Evangeline was born, Duggar and Vuolo stepped almost completely out of the spotlight. They paused their podcast and hardly showed any photos of their family. Fans began to grow concerned by the couple’s absence, since Duggar especially had once been so big on social media.

Rumors of divorce began to plague the couple after gossip outlets suggested the two could be calling it quits. Duggar and Vuolo never directly addressed the divorce rumors, but they still were very much affectionate toward one another on social media.

Some fans were thrilled to see the couple enjoying their first date in months

On April 27, Duggar posted a photo out to dinner with Vuolo — something the two haven’t done in ages. A new baby in combination with the pandemic likely prevented them from doing so. And fans were thrilled to see that they appeared to be enjoying each other’s company (without the kids) after hearing the negative rumors.

“You and Jeremy are a lovely couple, and it’s obvious you both are very happy being together,” one fan wrote in the comments section of Duggar’s Instagram post.

“Beautiful couple I love y’all I pray for you and your family,” another user commented.

“It’s those moments that can keep you going for quite a long time and leave you feeling so refreshed,” someone else wrote.

The date night photo was refreshing to fans, who have previously complained about Duggar and Vuolo’s social media feeling too “commercial.”


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Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo likely won’t get a divorce

Earlier this year, there were rumors that Duggar and Vuolo were getting a divorce. The rumors were seemingly unfounded, though some suspected the two were going through difficulties since they stopped posted their family on social media and paused their podcast.

It’s possible things became harder when the couple brought another baby home, but they haven’t spoken out about their relationship negatively, so it’s all only suspicion. The two have made it clear, though, that their relationship is certainly not going anywhere.