‘Counting On’: Joe and Kendra Duggar Just Hinted They Might Have 19 Kids: ‘I Don’t Know’

Joe and Kendra Duggar star on TLC’s Counting On alongside the rest of the Duggar family. The two appear to be following in Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s footsteps when it comes to having kids. And on a recent episode of Counting On, the couple didn’t deny that 17 more children could potentially be in their future.  

Joe and Kendra Duggar | Joe and Kendra Duggar via Instagram

Joe and Kendra Duggar started a family right away

When Joe and Kendra began courting, they moved quickly. It’s not uncommon for the Duggars to have short courtships; some have lasted only a month. And Joe knew right away that he wanted to propose to Kendra. After only courting for two months, he got down on one knee at his sister Joy’s wedding in May 2017.

Joe and Kendra tied the knot only four months later on September 8, 2017, and they didn’t wait long to start having kids. The two became pregnant on their honeymoon, and exactly nine months after their wedding, on June 8, 2018, they welcomed their first son.

Kendra is on track to have more kids than Michelle

While some Duggars do become pregnant on their honeymoon, Joe and Kendra moved quickly for their second baby, too. Less than a year after welcoming their first child, the couple announced that baby no. 2, a girl, was due in November 2019. The couple welcomed Addison Duggar in early November, and while some fans were thrilled, others were concerned that Duggar, who was only 21, was being used as a “baby machine” by her husband to have as many kids as possible.

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The couple suggested 19 kids is a possibility

For a while, fans have thought that Joe and Kendra could be the ones to have as many children as Joe’s parents, Michelle and Jim Bob. Michelle and Jim Bob have 19 biological children, and while some Counting On stars laugh at the idea of having that many, Joe and Kendra didn’t shake it off the way others do.

On a recent episode of the Duggars’ reality show, the producers made a comment to Joe and Kendra about childbirth becoming easier by Duggar’s 17th child. “I don’t know,” Kendra said. “I think it gets even harder, though.” Kendra laughed while answering the question but never insinuated that she and Joe would not be having that many kids. It might have confirmed fan theories that the two aren’t slowing down on children any time soon.

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Fans think Joe and Kendra could announce baby no. 3 by the end of the year

If Joe and Kendra continue to have children the same length of time apart, it would mean that the couple could announce a third pregnancy before the end of 2020. The couple’s first two kids, Garrett and Addison, are 17 months apart. If the couple’s third baby is 17 months younger than Addison, they could announce a pregnancy as early as October, provided they announce at the beginning of the second trimester.