‘Counting On’: Joe and Kendra Duggar Always Steal the Spotlight From 1 Duggar Couple

Joe and Kendra Duggar recently announced they’re expecting their third child. The Counting On couple took to Instagram on Aug. 19 to share the exciting news, though fans had speculated Kendra could be pregnant after she took a social media hiatus for most of the summer.

Many are excited for Joe and Kendra, but it’s hard not to notice that they’ve stolen the spotlight more than once from another Duggar couple.

Joe and Kendra Duggar | Joe and Kendra Duggar via Instagram

‘Counting On’ viewers think Joe and Kendra have the happiest marriage

When Joe and Kendra began courting in 2017, it didn’t take long for Joe to realize he wanted to spend his life with her. The couple’s courtship began in March of that year, and by May, they were engaged. They planned a wedding quickly and married in September 2017.

The two didn’t wait to start a family; nine months after they wed, they welcomed their first child, Garrett, and less than a year and a half after that, their daughter, Addison, was born. Through it all, fans have argued that they have one of the happiest Duggar marriages. Fans think the two seem to genuinely care for one another, and even the show’s biggest critics believe they’re a good match.

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Joe and Kendra stole the spotlight from Joy and Austin at the Forsyth’s wedding

Though Joe and Kendra have a sweet demeanor, some fans can’t fathom how they could become engaged at another sibling’s wedding. In May 2017, Joy Duggar married Austin Forsyth, and the night took a turn when Joe decided to propose to Kendra at the reception.

Joy was in on the plan and seemed perfectly fine with sharing the spotlight. As she was about to throw the bouquet, she turned around and handed it to Kendra; Joe walked out into the crowd, got down on one knee, and proposed. Proposals during weddings are typically a faux pas, but Duggar didn’t seem to mind.  

Some noticed Joe and Kendra announced their pregnancy news on Joy Duggar’s due date

When Joe and Kendra announced their baby news, fans were thrilled. Still, some couldn’t help but notice that the couple chose to make the announcement on the date Joy’s baby was due. Joy had gone through a stillbirth last year when she and Austin lost their baby at 20 weeks, giving her current pregnancy even more meaning.

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“Did Joe and Kendra really announce a pregnancy on Joy’s due date after getting engaged at her wedding?” someone questioned on Reddit. “Do you really think joy was allowed to say no? They are taught their whole life to put others wants above their own otherwise they are sinning,” someone else wrote of the wedding proposal. Others defended Joy, saying she seems “happy about it” and as long as that’s the case, it “wasn’t an issue.”

Joe and Kendra’s third baby also marks a major milestone for the Duggar family. The child will be Michelle and Jim Bob’s 20th grandchild, bringing them into double digits. Counting On viewers debated which couple would be the ones to bring Michelle and Jim Bob into the 20s, but many speculated that it would be Joe and Kendra.