‘Counting On’: John and Abbie Duggar Celebrate Daughter Grace’s Major Milestone

John and Abbie Duggar star on TLC’s Counting On alongside the rest of the Duggar family. The two welcomed their first child, Grace Annette, back in early January, and they’ve loved showing their little girl off on social media. Now, John and Abbie have posted some adorable photos in celebration of Grace’s six-month milestone.

John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett
John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett | John and Abbie Duggar via Instagram

John and Abbie Duggar wed later than most other Duggar kids

John and his sister, Jana, are Michelle and Jim Bob’s first set of twins, born right after Josh Duggar. And though it was expected that they would marry young, they both opted not to. Jana has still not wed, but back in 2018, John did meet the woman of his dreams: Abbie Burnett. In November 2018, John and Abbie were married; he was 28 and she was 26. The two also broke some courting rules, citing that they were older and more mature than most Duggars during their own courtships.

Traditionally, the Duggars are of courting age once they turn 18. From there, they can enter into a courtship at any time. Joy Duggar chose to start courting when she was 18, while most of the others were courting by their early 20s.

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I think our hearts have grown 10 sizes!

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The two didn’t announce a pregnancy right away

The Duggars tend to start families almost immediately after they wed. There have been several Duggar couples who have become pregnant within a few weeks of getting married. John and Abbie once again defied the rules by waiting a while before announcing a pregnancy. The two were married for nearly six months before they learned they were expecting.

John and Abbie welcomed their daughter, Grace Annette, in January 2020, a little more than a year after they wed.

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Happy 4th of July!

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John and Abbie just celebrated their daughter’s six-month milestone

The two love posting photos of their daughter to social media, and fans have claimed that Grace is the cutest Duggar baby (though fans tend to say that about every Duggar grandchild). John and Abbie recently revealed that they had their daughter’s ears pierced in early July, and now, they’re celebrating Grace’s six-month milestone.

“Our little lady is 6 months old today!!! Time flies when you’re having fun!” the couple’s post read. Fans were quick to comment on how cute Grace looks in the photos. “She is absolutely adorable!” one fan commented. “That little smile!” someone else wrote. “That outfit is so adorable! I can’t believe she is 6 months,” another user added.

It’s unclear when the two might have more kids

John and Abbie have broken a few Duggar traditions since they started courting. Abbie held a full time job and wears pants on occasion, and the two opted not to have chaperones through their entire courtship or have kids right away.

Some of the Duggars are planning to have as many kids as God wants for them, so they’re laying off any kind of birth control. But other Duggars, such as Jill and Derick Dillard, have suggested they’re not opposed to birth control. It’s unclear how many kids John and Abbie will have or what their family plan is, but for now, they seem thrilled with just one.