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Those who keep up with the Duggar family all have their favorites, and many love Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth. The duo frequently posts about their camping trips and house flipping to Instagram, and we also get plenty of content about their son, Gideon. But Joy-Anna and Austin also share their losses with their followers. And they were deeply affected when they lost their second baby at nearly five months of pregnancy.

Now, Joy-Anna and Austin are doing their best to move forward. But they’re still remembering their little girl. And Joy-Anna showed off a gift to her Instagram followers that a friend made to commemorate the baby.

Joy-Anna Duggar miscarried her second child after 20 weeks

Joy-Anna and Austin were looking forward to welcoming a baby girl into their lives. Sadly, when they went in for the 20-week ultrasound, the baby’s heartbeat couldn’t be detected.

“Although we don’t understand why, God has given us unexplainable peace and comfort during this very difficult time,” Joy-Anna captioned an Instagram post of her and Austin at the hospital. “Yes, it still hurts and we have cried countless tears, but we know that we can trust the Lord.”

As for the baby’s name, they went with Annabell Elise. “Annabell means ‘God has favored me’, and Elise means ‘God satisfies’. What a precious thing to know that when our daughter opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was the face of Jesus,” Joy-Anna added on the caption.

Shortly after the initial post about the miscarriage, the couple posted photos of themselves with the baby in the hospital, too.

Joy-Anna posted a gift she was given by a friend to remember the baby

Since the miscarriage in July 2019, friends and family gathered to show their support for the Forsyths. And it seemed like Joy-Anna was successfully moving forward, as she continued flipping homes with the help of her husband and even completed a new home of her own. But Joy-Anna certainly still feels a sense of loss when it comes to Annabell. And a recent gift from a friend is helping her keep the memory of the baby alive.

The art, which appears to be hung on the wall of Joy-Anna’s home, depicts Joy-Anna, Austin, and Gideon on one side of the frame while Joy-Anna holds hands with Jesus. Jesus is holding Annabell.

“I’ve always said ‘My little girl is in the arms of Jesus’, but this visual always makes me tear up! Such a good reminder. Thankful for this sweet gift!” Joy-Anna captioned her Instagram post showing the gift.

Friends and family are showing Joy-Anna support

Many supporters reached out to Joy-Anna through her Instagram post to show her they’re still thinking of her after the miscarriage.

Jill Duggar, whose husband has caused a lot of controversies lately, commented, “so sweet!!”

Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna, also made a note of the art. “This is beautiful,” she wrote.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar made their own comment as well. “So beautiful!”

A few members of the Bates family from Bringing Up Bates also commented. Carlin Bates assisted Joy-Anna with her hair and makeup for the photos they took with Annabell at the hospital. And she commented, “Awe! My heart!”

It’s not unusual for Duggar haters to leave unsavory comments, too. But thankfully, Joy-Anna’s post has plenty of loving comments from strangers showing their support.

“What a perfect representation. Thank you for this,” a follower commented.

Another wrote, “This is definitely one of the most beautiful and touching things I have seen.”

We’re glad Joy-Anna lets us into her personal life, as it’s not easy to show something so heartbreaking to millions of social media followers.

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