‘Counting On’: Some Suspect Joy Duggar is the ‘Mean Girl’ in the Family

The Duggar family, stars of the reality show Counting On, have plenty of fans and critics. People have watched the Duggar children grow up, get married, and start families of their own, which has allowed many to learn more and more about the kids.

Now, some critics of the show think Joy Duggar might be the “mean girl” of the family, based on a few past incidents.

Joy Duggar, second from right, alongside three of her older sisters.
Joy Duggar, second from right, alongside three of her older sisters. | Ida Mae Astute/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Joy Duggar is a bit younger than the older group of daughters

Growing up, Joy Duggar wasn’t quite old enough to do most of the things her sisters did together. Jana, 30, Jill, 29, Jessa, 27, and Jinger, 26, were all within just a few years of each other, and Duggar was a bit further behind; she’s four years younger than Jinger. With that said, she was a bit more on her own growing up, since she was too young for her older sisters but too old for her younger sisters. Joy and her older brother, Joseph, are nearly three years apart, but she always seemed to be closest with him growing up.

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Some think Duggar is the ‘mean girl’ in the family

Duggar critics often take to Reddit to give their opinions on family members and situations. And in a recent thread, a user suggested that Duggar could be the “mean girl” of the family, citing times that Duggar has spoken to her other siblings with somewhat of an attitude. “Another time when asked about her baby’s name she said, ‘We don’t tell people the name because we don’t care about their opinion,’ and Austin had to rephrase it to sound nicer,” another user chimed in. But not everyone agreed that the examples suggested Duggar was mean.

Others appreciate Duggar’s blunt attitude

Some users took to the thread to suggest that Duggar’s attitude could be a result of her age. Since she grew up spending more time with the boys because of where she falls in the line of Duggar kids, it’s possible she wasn’t given the same instruction to “keep sweet” that her older sisters were given.

“It’s kind of refreshing when one of them does not keep sweet. I think Joy is actually one of the warmest Duggar kids, but I don’t think she’s one of those people who can hide her feelings well,” one user wrote. “It really is refreshing,” another user agreed.

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The Duggar relationships have always been hard to dissect

Since the Duggar family first appeared on television, people have been trying to figure out exactly what their family dynamic is. There have been questions and rumors about whether Duggar marriages are arranged and how Jim Bob actually treats the family. There has also been curiosity surrounding the kids’ relationships with one another, such as how well Jana and Jessa get along and whether the kids have actually forgiven Josh Duggar for his alleged abuse.

The family ultimately appears to get along very well, but people can’t help but think there could be more than meets the eye. Still, we’ll likely never know exactly what goes on behind the scenes.