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Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth are parents to one toddler son, Gideon. The Counting On stars recently announced that they’re expecting a little girl later this year, so for now, they’re soaking up their time with Gideon before they expand their family. And a recent photo of the little boy has some convinced he looks just like one Duggar family member.

Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth with Gideon
Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth with Gideon | Austin and Joy Forsyth via Instagram

Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth welcomed Gideon in February 2018

Duggar and Forsyth met at church when they were young, and there was nothing romantic between them when they were first introduced. Forsyth is four years older than Duggar, and they were only kids when they first started spending time together. Once Duggar turned 18, though, Forsyth started to see her as more of a life partner.

The two had a quick courtship and didn’t spend a long time engaged, either. Rumor has it their wedding was supposed to be October 2017, but they moved it up by five months to May at the last minute (some theorized it was a shotgun wedding). Almost exactly nine months later, the two welcomed Gideon.

Fans have grown to like the young family

At first, people weren’t sure how to feel about Duggar and Forsyth’s relationship. There were rumors that their marriage was arranged, though nothing was ever proven, and fans couldn’t tell if the two were actually in love. Over time, though, things changed.

Duggar and Forsyth now spend a lot of time working on home projects together, along with going fishing and hiking. Duggar has always been a bit of a tomboy, and now, fans think that she and Forsyth actually have a great dynamic because she can be more of herself with him rather than only doing “girly” things.

Some think Gideon looks just like Jim Bob Duggar

Forsyth recently posted photos of a day spent with Gideon, and people couldn’t believe how much he looked like his grandfather, Jim Bob Duggar. Some fans thought Gideon looked just like Forsyth, too, leaving comments on Instagram about the resemblance between the two. But others couldn’t believe the resemblance between him and Jim Bob.

Fans think Gideon looks just like Jim Bob Duggar in these photos.

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“Gideon is starting to look exactly like Jim Bob,” one user posted to Reddit. “Those Duggar genes playing the long game,” another user added. Others remarked about the resemblance, too, even joking that Jim Bob’s face was “Photoshopped” onto the little boy.   

Duggar and Forsyth are pregnant with a girl

Duggar and Forsyth announced back in March that they are pregnant with a girl, and fans were extremely happy for them. The two announced a pregnancy last year, only to later inform fans that they had tragically lost the baby at 20 weeks.

It took the couple a while to move on from the loss, and they are likely still healing. But they seem overjoyed to be welcoming another little girl. Miscarriages aren’t uncommon; Josiah and Lauren Duggar went through a miscarriage in late 2018, and Jinger Duggar recently told fans that she had miscarried last November. Fans are incredibly excited for Forsyth and Duggar’s second baby.