‘Counting On’ Star Jinger Duggar Just Had a Yikes Moment on Social Media Moment: ‘That’s Embarrassing’

Counting On star Jinger Duggar has been making a life of her own ever since she met Jeremy Vuolo. Duggar was raised in a strict household, but once she was married, she was able to break out of her shell a bit more.

Now, Duggar has a massive presence on social media. But viewers are calling out a major “oops” moment of Duggar’s that is hard to unsee.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo in California in 2019
Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo in California in 2019 | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Discovery Channel

‘Counting On’ star Jinger Duggar has built her following on being relatable

When Duggar was younger, she was always the outgoing, upbeat sister who was itching to do more with her life. Duggar even attended car shows with her brother to learn the trade of detailing and selling used cars. She had ambition and excitement in her eyes. When Duggar met Vuolo, she was happy to start a new adventure in Texas. And people loved watching set on her own path.

Duggar loved posting to social media highlighting her adventures with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo. The two welcomed their first daughter in 2018, and the little family would often document nights out, whether it was a nice dinner, a sporting event, or spending time with friends. Fans grew to love that Duggar was seeing the world and expanding her horizons, and it helped the reality star grow her social media following.

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Viewers called out Jinger Duggar for an Instagram survey she posted

In recent months, Duggar’s Instagram has taken some heat. Fans who once loved her content later called her photos too staged, and when she and Vuolo launched their book, some complained that it was all Duggar could post about. But now, viewers of the show took to Reddit to call Duggar out on a mistake in her Instagram story — posting a “yes or no” survey that received an overwhelming number of “no” responses.

In the survey, Duggar asked her fans whether they’d be attending her and Vuolo’s next book club meeting. She allowed the respondents to choose either “yes” or “no.” And according to the survey, which was posted to Reddit, only 7% of Duggar’s followers answered “yes.”

Viewers called out the “embarrassing” social media moment, saying that Duggar should not have had such polarizing response choices so as to make herself look bad.

“It was a dumb thing to do when the majority of the people who saw the poll didn’t buy the book, and not everyone who bought the book is in the book club. So this poll was guaranteed to end up being embarrassing,” one Reddit user wrote.

“The first rule of marketing is you never put yes or no!!! Put ‘For sure!’ Or ‘Maybe next time!’ NEVER put a negative option!” another user commented.

Some viewers were worried about Jinger Duggar’s anxiety after seeing the post

Though Reddit viewers tend to not support the Duggars, a few people felt sorry for Duggar for having to deal with the potential anxiety that comes with an embarrassing moment.

“I feel bad for her. She’s on the record as having anxiety, and she’s had to publicly promote various projects/be filmed nearly her entire life,” one user wrote.

“This has to hit her in the anxiety area BAD,” another person added.

Duggar hasn’t commented on the Instagram story.