‘Counting On’: The Duggar Family Celebrates Easter With ‘Angel Eggs,’ Not ‘Deviled Eggs’

The Duggar family makes no secret of their strong Christian faith. So it’s no surprise that Easter is a major holiday in the Counting On family’s house. 

During a special episode of their TLC reality show that aired March 30, the family gave fans a peek at their Easter celebrations and rituals. They included dying eggs, decorating hats, and preparing special treats to eat at an Easter brunch, such as angel eggs.

Not familiar with angel eggs? They’re Michelle Duggar’s unique name for the common party appetizer most people know as deviled eggs. 

Jessa Duggar explains the origin of angel eggs

In the episode, Michelle’s daughter Jessa Duggar explains the origin of the term “angel eggs.” 

“Growing up, my mom said, ‘I hate the name deviled eggs. These are so yummy, they should be called angel eggs,’” the mom of three shared. “So we just started calling them angel eggs and it kind of stuck.”

“Yellow pocket angel eggs are basically just hard-boiled eggs. You pop the center out, and then you mix mayonnaise, a little bit of mustard, and a little bit of garlic,” Michelle explained. “Everybody loves them.”  

Some ‘Counting On’ fans were confused by the term

Plate of deviled eggs with spinach on a marbled background
Deviled eggs | Anjelika Gretskaia/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

This actually isn’t the first time the Duggars have mentioned angel eggs. In a 2019 Instagram post, Michelle talked about preparing angel eggs, causing confusion among some of her followers. 

“Why does your family call them that? My family calls them deviled eggs,” one person commented on the Instagram post. 

Another person argued that “it’s not satanic” to call them deviled eggs. But others liked Michelle’s new name for the food.

“I love the name! Why give the devil any more popularity when his works already run rampant in our society. (Just sayin)” one person wrote.

The Duggar family’s Easter celebration

The Duggar family from TLC"s 'Counting On' standing together on the set of 'Extra' and smiling at the camera
The Duggar family visits Extra at their New York studios | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

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The Duggar family’s Easter brunch — which was also a way to celebrate the birth of Joe and Kendra Duggar’s third child, Brooklyn Praise Duggar — wasn’t just about chowing down on angel eggs. Michelle and her kids and grandkids also prepared “Empty tomb rolls.” 

The rolls consist of premade dough wrapped around a marshmallow coated in butter, cinnamon, and sugar. “[You] bake them in the oven, and when you’re done, the marshmallow in the center melts away and it leaves this empty tomb, so to speak. It’s kind of an example of Jesus’ resurrection,” Michelle explained. 

During the brunch, the family reflected on the religious significance of the holiday — which the Duggars call Resurrection Sunday — and gave thanks for the safe arrival of another little Duggar. 

“It’s really amazing that we now have 20 grandchildren,” said Jim Bob Duggar. “Our family is quickly growing. [Soon] it’s gonna be 50, won’t be too long it will be 100.” 

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