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For years now, Counting On viewers have questioned why Jana Duggar, the oldest Duggar daughter, chose not to wed. There have been countless theories about Jana’s single life, but she has admitted that she’s courted in the past — and that nothing has worked out. Now, viewers of the show have another interesting theory as to why Jana never tied the knot.

Jana Duggar, far left, with three of her sisters
Jana Duggar, far right, with three of her sisters | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Jana Duggar has remained single longer than her siblings 

When 19 Kids and Counting first premiered, Jana and Josh were both at courting age. Josh went on to marry Anna Duggar, and many expected that Jana would shortly follow suit by announcing a courtship of her own. But as more time passed, fans realized that Jana wasn’t entering into a courtship as quickly as they’d thought. By 2014, both Jill and Jessa Duggar, Jana’s younger sisters, were married. Fast forward to today, and Jana still hasn’t found the man of her dreams.

Young weddings are common among the Duggars; Michelle and Jim Bob stress young weddings so their kids can start families at a young age. Jana, who is now 30, has opened up about her single status in the past. She recently revealed on an episode of Counting On that she “wouldn’t mind” starting a courtship and that she does occasionally feel left out when she spends time with her married siblings.

Jana Duggar, far right, with Jessa, Jinger, and Joy Duggar
Jana Duggar, far right, with Jessa, Jinger, and Joy Duggar| Ida Mae Astute/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Jana has had men interested in her in the past

Though Jana hasn’t found “the one” yet, she has definitely had men interested in her in the past. She has revealed on the show that she’s entertained courtships before and gotten to know a few suitors but that nothing ever stuck. There have been rumors that Jana and Lawson Bates, a close family friend, were courting, but nothing was ever confirmed by Jana or her parents, and it now seems that the two are just friends.  

Some viewers are convinced she had a courtship that ended with trauma from Josh’s scandals

People have always tried to figure out if there’s a deeper reason as to why Jana has never married. And now, some are convinced it has to do with a past courtship gone bad. Reddit users recently discussed the possibility that Jana was in a courtship when Josh Duggar’s abuse scandal broke, prompting Jana’s potential husband to call things off.

“Jana was going to announce a courtship when the scandals broke and it ended because of them. No other guy will ever measure up, so she’ll stay single forever,” one user theorized. “Jana was Promised To Betrothal while [Josh] was engaged to Anna, and it fell thru,” someone else wrote. Some think Josh’s scandals resulted in a promising courtship turning into a failure — and that the trauma from Jana’s first love leaving her made her never want another courtship. Plus, some think she and her parents have not found anyone who could match up to that first relationship.

Jana has been able to take up several hobbies since she didn’t marry young.

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Jana seems mostly content in her single life

Though Jana has said that she wouldn’t mind a courtship, she doesn’t seem miserable without a husband. She’s said on Counting On that not marrying young has given her a chance to take up her own hobbies, such as gardening and home décor. Plus, she recently revealed that she’s starting her own online home décor business, which is a territory no Duggar daughter has ever entered.