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Counting On viewers have watched many of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s children walk down the aisle. And with that, fans have picked out the couples they believe have the most chemistry — and the ones they’re convinced don’t have any. And it turns out some viewers jokingly believe that one couple hasn’t shared a kiss since they did so in front of their friends and family on their wedding day.

The older Duggar children
The older Duggar children | Ida Mae Astute/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Fans believe Joe and Kendra Duggar have the most chemistry of any Duggar couple

When it comes to the happiest Duggar couples, two people seem to take the cake, according the one of the show’s most popular Reddit threads; it’s Joe and Kendra. While some have questions about how the couple came to be, it’s hard to deny that they enjoy spending time together.

“Joe and Kendra seemed to be 100% arranged. Zero chemistry before the wedding,” one Reddit user suggested of the couple. But with that, the user thinks the two “look so much happier now,” with which others agreed. In a discussion about whether Joe and Kendra might have kissed before tying the knot, most viewers believe they did not take that step before walking down the aisle.  

Joe and Kendra Duggar
Joe and Kendra Duggar | TLC/YouTube

Some are certain Josiah and Lauren Duggar haven’t kissed since their wedding day

In another conversation about couples kissing before the wedding, the thought of Josiah and Lauren doing so came up — and fans actually feel that the two don’t have much chemistry today, let alone after only a few months of courting. “Josiah and Lauren seemed happier before the wedding,” someone noted, to which another person added that the two appear like they no longer have any interest in one another. “Do you really think that Josiah and Lauren have kissed at all besides their wedding day?” someone questioned.

Of course, it’s highly unlikely that Josiah and Lauren haven’t shared a kiss since walking down the aisle. But the hyperbole suggests that viewers feel the two don’t have the close relationship that other Duggar couples share. Plus, some viewers have long speculated that Josiah and Lauren’s marriage could have been arranged, though there is no proof to confirm the theory.


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People are growing increasingly uncertain of Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo’s marriage, too

Duggar fans and critics alike have begun to question the romance between Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo. At first the two seemed so in love. “I could see Jinger and Jeremy … For sure kissing before marriage,” someone wrote. “I think Jinger was so obsessed with Jeremy that she would’ve done anything he wanted to,” another user wrote.

Still, fast forward four years later, and fans are no longer convinced the two are as in love as they once seemed. Fans have become uncertain of Jeremy’s treatment of Jinger, with one person even referring to him as a dictator. Others think Jeremy puts up a dishonest image of himself in the spotlight and behaves differently behind the scenes. But beyond speculation, there is nothing to confirm that the couple isn’t happy.