‘Counting On’ Viewers Freak Out Over Joy Duggar Putting Her Kids In a Basket

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s parenting techniques have been questioned since they started having children. Not everyone is convinced the couple’s decision to shelter their kids from the mainstream American lifestyle was the best way to raise all 19 of them.

Now, the Duggar kids have started families of their own, and there have been several occasions when their parenting decisions have raised eyebrows. Joy Duggar’s decision to photograph her kids in a basket is the most recent parenting photo to turn heads.

Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth | TLC/YouTube

The Duggars’ parenting styles have been questioned in the past

Though the Duggar family has millions of fans, not everyone is convinced they’ve raised their kids in the best way. Michelle and Jim Bob imposed strict rules on their children, from dating to fashion. Plus, the kids generally are not given the opportunity to attend college, and Michelle homeschools each child herself.

Now that the Duggar kids are having kids, fans also aren’t convinced they’ve made the best decisions as parents. Jill Duggar has been accused of feeding food to her children that has hardly any nutritional value. And Joy Duggar came under fire when she photographed her son standing on the edge of a bar stool. Plus, people had mixed reactions when John and Abbie Duggar put their baby in a plastic bin while out on a boat.

Joy Duggar recently photographed her kids in a basket, and fans are freaking out

Parents will do anything for the perfect picture. And though people didn’t necessarily see it as a total parenting faux pas, viewers were taken by surprise after seeing a photo of Joy’s two kids, Gideon and Evelyn, posing for a photo in a basket presumably used for picking fruit. Joy and Austin spent the day with Josiah and Lauren Duggar, and Joy’s photo of the kids in the basket received interesting reactions from fans and critics.

Joy Duggar posted a photo collage, with the last image showing her kids in a basket.

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“The basket picture is hilarious,” one user wrote on Instagram. “I’d like a basket of cutie pies like yours,” someone else said. Critics of the show took to Reddit to discuss the interesting photo. “I am absolutely losing my mind at this photo of Gideon and Evelyn shoved in a basket. Why did they do this,” someone commented. “Plop the kids in, pick it up and go. Who needs a stroller when you have a basket?” another user asked. “They really love tempting fate. That could easily tip over, residually especially with a toddler in it,” another person wrote.

Fans think Joy’s son is arguably the happiest Duggar child

Joy’s photo choice might have been questionable to some, but fans think there is no question that Gideon is the happiest Duggar boy. Whenever Joy and Austin post photos of their son, fans take to the comments to discuss his contagious smile and happy demeanor. “His smile just lights up his whole face,” someone wrote on a photo of Gideon meeting a goat.

Others thought it was adorable that Gideon stole his mom’s makeup at one point and attempted to do a smoky eye. Fans seem to like Joy and Austin’s little family; the Forsyth family is quickly become a Counting On favorite.