Why ‘Counting On’ Viewers Suddenly Love Josiah Duggar’s Wife, Lauren

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Josiah and Lauren Duggar star alongside the rest of the Duggar family on Counting On. The two tied the knot back in 2018, and many people have called the couple out for appearing less than affectionate toward each other on camera. Still, viewers of the show, including those who often criticize the family, have grown to love Lauren for an interesting reason.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar
Josiah and Lauren Duggar | TLC/YouTube

Josiah and Lauren Duggar wed in 2018

Surprisingly, the Duggars don’t always marry the first person they court. Josiah actually courted a young woman named Marjorie Jackson back in 2015, but the two separated a few months later. (Some theorized it was due to Josh Duggar’s leaked scandals, though it’s unclear.) Several years later, he began courting Lauren, though the two had actually known each other for years.

The couple first met at a homeschooling conference in 2010. Since then, they had stayed in touch, with Lauren even appearing on 19 Kids and Counting back in the day. But after things didn’t work out with Marjorie, Josiah saw something different in Lauren that he hadn’t seen when they were kids. The two started their courtship in January 2018 and only spent about a month together before Josiah popped the question.

The couple wed in June 2018 and went through a miscarriage shortly after, which was hard on Lauren. Still, the two announced another pregnancy last spring and welcomed their daughter, Bella Milagro, in November 2019. 

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‘Counting On’ viewers say Lauren has been ‘carrying the whole show’

Those who follow the show tend to discuss the Duggar family on Reddit. Though they typically critique, viewers have grown to love Lauren for an odd reason: She appears to not be interested in the Duggar family.

“I kind of view her like the Michael Scott of the family, in the sense that I’d personally find her awful to live with, but she sure is entertaining and provides some much needed drama,” one user wrote. “I lived for Lauren just peacing out of the couples retreat to take a nap,” someone else wrote. “If I have to pick a favorite Duggar it’s Lauren. She’s the black pepper to the tater tot casserole. Still dull, but adds a hint of interest to an otherwise very bland group.” Though the critics’ reasons for loving Lauren might not be, um, overly flattering, they clearly think she spices up the show.  

Some viewers feel bad for Lauren

While many have grown to appreciate Lauren’s sassy attitude toward the Duggar family, others feel bad for her in that they genuinely think she would prefer not to be in the family at all — but that she couldn’t do anything about it even if she tried. “Where is she supposed to go? She has no education, no practical job skills or experience, no support network,” someone wrote.

It’s important to note that Lauren has never outright indicated that she’s unhappy in the Duggar family. Though fans speculate she and Josiah don’t have a strong marriage, there is nothing to confirm the theories, nor is there anything to confirm that she’d rather be somewhere else.