‘Counting On’: What Do The Duggar Kids Eat For Snacks?

While many of the Duggar kids are all grown up and married now, there were many years where Jim Bob and Michelle had to figure out a way to feed 19 starving mouths. Growing kids need plenty of snacks, but Jim Bob and Michelle got lucky; most of their kids share the same taste in foods. So, what do the Duggar kids munch on when the mid-day tummy growl rolls around?

The Duggar kids are pickle obsessed

Pickles are, perhaps, one of the most polarizing foods in the world. People either think they are the most fabulous food ever created, or they think the notion of their food mingling with pickles and the subsequent pickle juice is the thing of nightmares. The entire Duggar family falls into the first camp.

In fact, the family loves them so much that each Duggar child gets their preferred pickles as a Christmas Eve present, according to Romper. The family has never confirmed if there has ever been an argument over which pickle is better, dill or half sour.

When it’s not pickle season, they snack on cucumbers

The Duggar kids enjoy snacking on cucumbers pulled straight from the family garden. They seem to eat them by the bucket load, and not much needs to be done to the cucumbers to get all the kids to eat them.

In a clip from the show, one of the Duggar kids explained that they cut off the end of the cucumber and rub it against the rest to remove the bitterness. They then load it up with just a bit of salt and eat. It’s a quick, easy and economical snack for 19 kids.

Anna Duggar offers her kids cheese, crackers and canned green beans for a mid-day snack

Anna is trying to keep it healthy, but the mother of five with one on the way also tries to keep things economical. Shredded cheese and a few crackers get her kids through the mid-day munchies. If that’s not enough, however, she’ll crack open a can of green beans.

Anna likes to try to keep things healthy when it comes to snacks, but money is clearly a factor for her. She notes that canned green beans are cheaper and quicker to prepare, so her kids snack on them throughout the day.

Lemons with salt are Jill’s favorite craving

When most people think of snacks, they probably think of some almonds, or baby carrots with hummus. Jill Duggar, the culinary Wizkid that she is, has a very different idea for snack time. Recently she took to Instagram to let her fans know that she and her kids were snacking on salted lemons.

Jill sparked pregnancy rumors with the recent tweet, noting that it was one of her biggest pregnancy cravings. The mother of two has not confirmed a third pregnancy, but plenty of fans think it’s in the works. It should be noted that Jill is also the Duggar who shared a recipe for canned tuna with barbeque sauce with her fans, so her culinary tastes can’t be trusted.