‘Counting On’: When Derick Dillard Publishes His Tell-All It Will Be the End of Jim Bob Duggar Claims Former Employee

Derick Dillard’s tell-all might be the end of Counting On star Jim Bob Duggar. Derick has been feuding with Jill Duggar’s dad for months and still has plans to write a memoir about his time on the show. While Derick continues to work on his book behind the scenes, a former employee for the Duggars believes the tell-all will be Jim Bob’s ultimate undoing.

Counting On Derick Dillard
Former ‘Counting On’ stars Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Jim Bob prepares for legal action

A few months ago, Derick revealed his plans for the memoir on social media. The former Counting On star did not reveal too many details about the project, but he did say it would cover some of his experiences on the show.

There has been plenty of speculation about what Derick might include in the book, especially when it comes to Jim Bob’s shady past. With Derick set to unload all of his dirty secrets, a former Duggar family employee told The Hollywood Gossip that Jim Bob is preparing for a long legal battle.

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The source claims that Jim Bob is very afraid about what Derick might reveal in the book and has enlisted a team of lawyers to silence his son-in-law.

“He’s already got four or five big lawyers — I mean big lawyers — who have done a lot of research as far as the contracts from TLC go,” the former employee dished.

Derick left Counting On back in 2017. The details of his contract with TLC remain a mystery, but it will be interesting to see if Jim Bob’s lawyers can do anything before a publisher gets a hold of the memoir.

A former employee says Derick’s memoir will be the end of the ‘Counting On’ star

While Jim Bob is doing his best to block the book, Derick is moving full steam ahead. The insider, who previously worked for the Duggars, went on to say that when Derick gets around to publishing the memoir Jim Bob will be finished.

“He’s definitely gonna do his book, and when he does his book, Jim Bob is done. He is done,” the insider stated.

If the source is right, then that explains why Jim Bob is already taking legal action. But what is the Counting On star so worried about?

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Derick’s recent accusations offer a look at what he might include in the memoir. At the top of the list is the idea that Jim Bob has been stealing money from his children.

Taking to social media, Derick has accused Jim Bob of controlling everyone’s Counting On contracts with TLC. But instead of giving his children a share of the profits, he has been keeping them all to himself.

And that is only the tip of the iceberg.

What else will the former ‘Counting On’ star include in his shocking tell-all?

Derick’s tell-all might also shed light on how Jim Bob handled Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal. Several years ago, fans learned that Josh had molested a handful of underage girls, and several of his victims were his sisters.

Jim Bob tried to bury the scandal, which ultimately led to the cancelation of 19 Kids and Counting. Derick has accused Jim Bob of forcing his daughters to film alongside Josh, despite knowing what happened when they were younger. 

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If Derick includes these things in his book, it’s no wonder that Jim Bob wants to shut him down. After all, the memoir could damage his public image — and possibly the family’s cash cow Counting On — beyond repair.

How does Jill Duggar feel about the feud?

Amid Jim Bob and Derick’s feud, Jill has found herself stuck in the middle of the drama. A source told In Touch Weekly that Jill wanted Derick to remain “quiet” when the feud first started but has since realized that it is beyond containment.

Although Jill is backing Derick, she wants to stay neutral. In fact, the insider revealed that Jill has remained in contact with her parents and that Jim Bob respects her decisions. It is unclear what she thinks about the tell-all, especially if it damages her father’s reputation.

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Jim Bob has not commented on his ongoing feud with Derick.

New episodes of Counting On should return to TLC sometime in 2020, but don’t count on cameras catching any feuding between the Duggar family patriarch and his controversial son-in-law.