‘Counting On’: Which of the Duggar Kids Are Old Enough to Court?

The Duggar family has recently teased a surprise courtship. While they are keeping the romance a secret until the Sept. 22 episode of Counting On, family followers can’t help but speculate about which of the Duggar kids are ready to announce a relationship. While some of the Duggar kids seem more likely to be dating than others, there are quite a few family members who are old enough to get married.

Twins, Jeremiah and Jedidiah Duggar are old enough to get married

Jeremiah and Jedidiah are the next in line for courtship if you believe the Duggar family courts in age order. They are the oldest unmarried Duggar boys, even though they are still incredibly young for marriage. Jed and Jeremiah, the family’s second set of twins, will turn 22 in December.

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The pair have moved out of their family’s Springdale, Arkansas home and are living on their own for the first time. Could they be preparing for marriage? If one of the twins is in the midst of the romance, it’s probably Jeremiah. Jedidiah is currently running for office. His political aspirations have probably left him a bit too busy to romance anyone. Jeremiah, who is serving as Jed’s campaign manager, seems to have a bit more free time. Neither has been spied hanging out with an unknown woman, though, meaning they probably aren’t courting.

James, Jason, and Justin Duggar are all old enough to consider courtship, too

While Jeremiah and Jedidiah Duggar are the eldest unmarried Duggar boys, there are a few more young men who could all, theoretically, be courting. Jason Duggar, who recently joined Instagram, turned 20 in April. Not only is he old enough to court, but he appears capable of supporting a family. Jason has chosen to go into the house flipping business and has worked on several projects in recent years. Jason had been previously linked to Lauren Caldwell, but nothing ever came of the rumors.

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James Duggar, freshly 19, has also been linked to Lauren in recent months. He’s been spending a fair amount of time with the Caldwell family, leading family followers to believe love is in the air.  Justin Duggar, who is not yet 18, could potentially be dating someone, too. While it’s less common for the Duggar boys to marry young, it’s not unheard of. Josh Duggar, the family’s troubled oldest son, married Anna Duggar before he turned 21. Justin will turn 18 in November.

There is always Jana Duggar

While it is expected that one of the Duggar boys will announce the next courtship, Jana Duggar could surprise everyone by settling down. Now 30, Jana is the Duggar family’s eldest unwed daughter. She, unlike her sisters, has rejected multiple suitors over the years.

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Jana’s single status has been a running storyline during this season of Counting On. The fact that her relationship status has been so heavily featured has led some fans to believe that a courtship might be on the horizon. If it is, Jana has managed to keep everything incredibly low key. Her courtship announcement would actually come as a shock to most family followers.