‘Cowboy Bebop’: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and How to Watch the Netflix Series

Cowboy Bebop debuted back in 1998, but the anime is making a comeback on Netflix more than two decades later. The streamer is bringing fans a live-action iteration of Spike Spiegel’s story, diving deeper into the lives of the space cowboy and his companions. When can viewers expect the adaptation, and what should they know going into it?

When does ‘Cowboy Bebop’ come out on Netflix?

John Cho, Mustafa Shakir, and Daniella Pineda in Netflix's live-action 'Cowboy Bebop.' The three are walking next to one another, with Ein the corgi/alien next to them. Fans are wondering if the 'Cowboy Bebop' adaptation will feature Ed as well.
John Cho, Mustafa Shakir, and Daniella Pineda in ‘Cowboy Bebop’ | Geoffrey Short/Netflix

The live-action Cowboy Bebop hits Netflix this November — specifically, on Nov. 19. The series arrives just in time for the winter holidays, so those hoping to enjoy their time off can kick back with this new take on the anime.

Since it’s one of the streamer’s original series, all episodes of the new Cowboy Bebop will drop simultaneously. In total, fans can expect 10 episodes from the show’s first outing. It’s unclear if Netflix will greenlight a season 2, though there are certainly places it can take the live-action adaptation.

That’s especially true with the approach the writers are taking to the show. During an interview with Observer, writer and executive producer Jeff Pinkner promised they would dive deeper into the source material, something showrunner André Nemec previously alluded to as well.

“I think that because we have these hour-long episodes, we have an opportunity to take the anime and sort of like just deepen and dimensionalize the source material,” Pinkner explained.

The first look at the live-action series has action and humor

Netflix unveiled the first teaser for its live-action Cowboy Bebop on Oct. 19, calling it the “Lost Session.” The initial footage of the upcoming show promises to stick with the anime’s signature style. The adaptation appears to have plenty of action and humor, and it’s hard to imagine a version of this story without those things.

The teaser shows the anime’s main trio — Spike, Faye Valentine, and Jet Black — hunting bounties. As much as they seem to have a knack for it, they also have plenty of gaffes.

The official Cowboy Bebop Twitter account promised a full-length trailer in a week, so fans should stay tuned for a more in-depth look. Check back here for updates after the first trailer drops.

Who’s in the cast of the new ‘Cowboy Bebop’?

Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop has a recognizable cast, all of whom look like they’ll do justice to the characters from the anime. The series stars John Cho as Spike Spiegel. Many viewers will know the actor from the Harold & Kumar films, as well as the new Star Trek movies.

Daniella Pineda and Mustafa Shakir join Cho in the series’ main cast, playing Faye Valentine and Jet Black, respectively. The show also cast Alex Hassell as the villain Vicious and Elena Satine as Julia.

It’s unclear if Ed will appear in the live-action adaptation, but there’s been no sign of her so far. If she has been cast, Netflix is keeping the news tightly under wraps. However, the streamer has been sharing photos of the alien pup Ein, who will be played by an actual corgi.

How to watch the live-action series on Netflix when it drops


‘Cowboy Bebop’ Showrunner Addresses If Ed Will Be in the Live-Action Series

Netflix’s live-action Cowboy Bebop arrives on Nov. 19, and it will only be available to subscribers. The Netflix original series won’t air anywhere else, so fans will have to obtain a subscription to watch it.

The streamer also announced that the anime will arrive on its platform ahead of the live-action series. Starting Oct. 21, fans will be able to stream the original show — so those hoping to rewatch it first have about a month to do so.